Restricted Access with Cirque Du Soleil

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Dubbed a “contemporary circus” for its unique character driven theatrical performances and absence of show animals, Cirque Du Soleil has wowed the hearts of countless viewers all around the world. One of the company’s newer shows has made it’s way to the Tri-State area – “Totem” explores the evolution of humanity on a backdrop/stage of, get this…a turtle’s shell!

I headed down to the Camden Waterfront to get some Restricted Access under the Big Top with Cirque Du Soleil Publicist Francis Jalbert.”  The company’s motto…leave your cares behind and dream with this cast!  

I also got the chance to meet with Amanda Balius, the Head of Wardrobe for Totem.  Her meticulous detail and layering of the fabric was so amazing, I could hardly tell the difference between the costumes and the animals they portrayed!

Totem features tributes to many cultures, and during my Restricted Access I got a special sneak peak at the Native American inspired hoop dance performance by Erik Hernandez.  He said the hoops represent eternity…there is no beginning and no end.  Well, on that note, I wish my visit with Cirque Du Soleil had no end!

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