Combating Diabetes Holistically with Lourdes ABC Program

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I recently brought you the story featuring Dr. Plasner of the Lourdes Medical Association about proactively fighting diabetes by looking for early warning signs.

Today, I met with Carol Otte, a nurse practitioner and certified Diabetes educator with the ABC Program at the Lourdes Medical center in New Jersey. The purpose of this program is to educate diabetics on how to manage their disease.

There are three classes which teach you how to prevent further complications from the disease like blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, and amputation. Diabetes is a disease that effects the way your body metabolizes sugar. Currently, it affects 18 million people across the nation. The ABC Program at Lourdes has found a holistic approach to fighting this disease. Carol Otte says participants are encouraged to bring their family members with them to the classes. And, are educated on how stress impacts the management of their diabetes.  Otte hopes that through this program people may begin to seek other ways to proactively fight Diabetes.
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