Delaware Valley Fencers Club

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I picked up a sword and saluted my opponent Coach Kate Thomas to learn how to “Get It Right, Get It Tight” with fencing.  At the Delaware Valley Fencers Club I first learned how to properly stand, hold my sword and move to play the sport.

Fencing is a full body work out and the key is to score on your opponent.  Kate says it’s like human chess.  Fencers have strong legs from lunging and really strong cores.  Kate says many fencers cross train with exercises like yoga and other fitness programs to keep in shape.  There a 3 types of weapons used in fencing, but I learned on a foil, which is for beginners.  Kate teaches everyone from 6-year-olds to seniors.

At the beginning of a match you start by saluting your opponent and you end by doing the same.  Kate and I shook hands at the end because like she says it was just a friendly fight.  I enjoyed fencing because it not only works the body but it’s also very mentally stimulating.

By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3