Five Minute Guacamole for Cinco De Mayo!

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Happy Cinco De Mayo Everybody! We got the party started on the set of Eye Opener this morning with the one and only Copabanana restaurant from 4th and South Street. Chef Rand Maltese joined us to make their five minute Fiesta Guacamole.  What a splash of flavors with Haas avocados, diced tomatoes, red onions, garlic,  jalapenos, cojita cheese and a spritz of lime juice.

General manager Joe Compton shook up some of their tasty Copabanana Cadillac Margaritas with a special dash of Grand Marnier.

Get this – just how many margaritas do you think they have served up in a year?

The answer – it’s a whopping 200,000 margaritas a year according to barista Joe Compton.

And, if you haven’t been to Copabanana know that it has been smokin’ hot in Philly for a long time. It’s been in business for thirty-five years to be exact and prides itself as being part of the South Street Renaissance.

If you’d like to try some of their great Tex-Mex style food, burgers or Spanish fries (fries with fried onions and jalapenos) you can check them out at the South Street Spring Festival on Saturday, May 4th from noon to 8 p.m.  

What are you doing for Cinco De Mayo?

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By Jennifer Lewis-Hall. You can find me on Twitter@JenLewisHall

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