Doll Houses That Will Stand Time

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Tired of plastic dolls, tea sets and doll houses for your favorite little one?

Once Upon a Treehouse specializes in making toys from wood, wool, and cotton. The company was started a year and a half ago by Tara Schoeneman-Brown and her sister Lori.

The company was started because of the lack of high quality toys being made in the market. The sisters wanted to focus on not only making wholesome toys but making sure the products being used were eco-friendly.

Once Upon a Treehouse line offers an array of dollhouses and accessories. The company offers small dolls (4 to 5 inches) and 15 inch dolls that each have customized furniture and accessories to go with them.

A Tea Party collection is also available for purchase and varies from tea sets to table linens to dress up clothing.

Schoeneman-Brown says that Once Upon a Time’s toys are made in the Waldorf style– a style that was created in Europe and specializes in making dolls in a certain kind of fashion.

Once Upon a Treehouse does give back and has created a program called The Fairy Dolly Mother. This program gives a doll to a child for every doll that is sold.


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