Buddakan Restaurant Visits

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When the ladies of Eye Opener Philly told me I had to pick a restaurant to bring into the studio, I immediately thought of Buddakan.  Not only did I make a delicious entree, I learned how to flip the ingredients in a frying pan without spilling it all over the place, thanks to Chef Jason Goodman, I can now put “chef” on my resume!

Eye Opener Philly brings in restaurants from all over the city all the time.  What restaurants would you like us to host next?  Let us know in the comments below or post to my Zachery Lashway Facebook.

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  • Melissa

    Enjoy your meal then. I hope there have been a lot of possibilities to discover some secret cooking techniques. I am not so much familiar with this type of cooking but I hope to learn more about it soon. My wife is always asking me to improve. But still I’m a lazy cook. I have to confess. After seeing your video here I might be catching some motivation in the future. Maybe… Still I think that there are a lot of others things to enjoy.

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