The Color Run New Jersey 2012

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Due to an “overwhelming” amount of  email and messages to their website, Twitter and Facebook, The Color Run came to NJ on September 1st.  If you checked out The Color Run website even a month and a half ago, New Jersey was not a scheduled stop.  But the interest for the location was so great that The Color Run came to NJ.  And NJ came to the run!  In numbers greater than almost every other location in the country, including New York!

So on a weekend most Jersians head for the shore, thousands and thousands flocked to Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ to take part in this one of a kind 5k.  What makes The Color Run series stand apart from most other runs is that it’s not a race about time or beating your competitor… it’s a race devoted simply to having a good time.  Runners, walkers, old and young of all ability can and do compete.

“There is so much reward with The Color Run,” said Color Run Public Relations Coordinator Jacskon Cozzens. “Not only do people get the satisfaction of finishing a 5k but it is also satisfying that they had fun doing it!”

Color Runners began the race wearing bright white clothing.  The runners of all shapes, sizes and ability then begin a leisurely paced “run” of 5 kilometers.  At each kilometer a different color of powder filled the air and covered the participants as they ran through.  The runners decided how much of a certain color they would like, by what part of the obstacle they run through and the pace they ran through it.  When the race ended runners in groups of a few hundred released individual color packets into the air in front of a stage complete with sound system and dance music.

As if a public display of super happiness were not enough in and of itself, Color Run partnered with the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America to raise money.

From New Jersey, the Color Run will move on to 20 other cities around the country and demand is great for these events.  The event first held in Tempe, AZ has seen expansion literally every month with new dates being added all the time.

“The demand has been crazy and exciting,” said Color Run founder Travis Snyder. “Everyday hundreds of people make requests on our Facebook page for us to bring the event to their favorite city. We’re excited to answer the call!”

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