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    A Mummer’s mission to give back to servicemen and women

    The Murray Comic Club takes being American very seriously and one mummer in particular has spearheaded a special campaign. Sixty-six year old Jay Polakoff has been part of the Comic Division for 19 years, but it’s what he does during the year that makes New Year’s Day so special. “We started about eight or nine years ago this campaign of putting together some packages initially sending them to club members relatives whom they have again children, cousin, nephews overseas. It […]

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    “Beyond Type 1” spreads awareness of the warning signs of Type 1 Diabetes

    November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Local Mother and ‘Beyond Type One’ advocate Michelle Berman has teamed up with singer Nick Jonas’s foundation, ‘Beyond Type 1‘ to launch a nationwide educational campaign. That partnership, between The American Academy of Pediatrics and Beyond Type 1, is starting here in Pennsylvania as it aims to provide tools and information about Type 1 Diabetes to the public. Michelle, your son John who is 16 now was diagnosed at the much younger age of 7. […]

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    Helpful Tips for Insomnia Sufferers

    PHL17’S Colleen Campbell speaks with sleep expert Dr. Natalie Dautovich and Beyond Tired mentor Valencia Garden on some treatment options for insomnia sufferers. GOOD MORNING VALENCIA AND NATALIE WHENEVER ITS TIME TO CHANGE THOSE CLOCKS, ITS ALWAYS HARD GETTING BACK INTO ROUTINE, WHAT HELPFUL TIPS DO YOU HAVE FOR US TODAY? “Well I think its important to remember that our good sleep at night starts with our behaviors during the day. So there are several things we can do to […]

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    Submit your WEEKEND PHILLER story idea

    So you say you’ve got an idea for a Weekend Philler story?  That’s awesome!  Our pieces on Weekend Philler are short and usually narrated by the subject or subjects.  (Check some episodes for examples.)  If you think you fit?  Please fill out this form below.

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    Woman shares prison letter from Jared Fogle

    INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –- A woman who says Jared Fogle wrote her from prison is sharing the letter with the public. Brena Firkins told WXIN that she had a very personal relationship with the ex-Subway pitchman several years ago. The two met on a dating site about eight years ago, according to the report Firkins says she had a sexual relationship with Fogle for about a month before they lost contact. “We just had a good time,” Firkins said. “He was, like, real generous. He […]

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    Photos of moldy sippy cups go viral — and parents are freaking out

    Several photos of moldy Tommee Tippee sippy cups have gone viral on Facebook, causing outraged parents to check their children’s cups and demand answers from the manufacturer. The photos, first shared by Marie-Pier S. L’Hostie of Montreal, show an orange Tommee Tippee cup owned by her friend, Simon O’kanada. O’kanada was apparently curious why his son was sick for an extended period of time and decided to open the top of the cup. According to O’kanada, the mold is only […]

  • Norman (pictured above) was rescued from the Camden County Animal Shelter in 2011. He is a 5-year-old lab mix. Picture provided by Camden County Freeholder Jeffery Nash.

    A Cherry Hill puppy store turned adoption center

    A pet store in New Jersey has reopened as an adoption center working alongside the very activists who originally protested the store. PHL17’s Lauren Berman reports. The scene at PT’s Puppy Love Adoption Center‘s grand reopening this past Saturday was one of new hope for shelter dogs and a powerful demonstration of how two opposing groups can work together to save animals. When co-owners Pat Youmans and Theresa Serrano first opened in June in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, they operated […]

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    Aging Gracefully

    Jason Lee: Andrea, I want to look good and feel good. How do we do that? Andrea Lustig: Well, if you are over 40, and you find yourself having a habit of squinting, chances are you have presbyopia. This is the gradual loss of the ability to see things close-up and it happens over time. And reading glasses are a bummer. I know when I wear m readers, I feel much older than I am. A new study showed that […]

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    Man’s Facebook post about traffic stop goes viral

    TUCSON, Ariz. — A man’s Facebook post about a recent traffic stop is going viral. Steven Hildreth Jr. says he was pulled over by the Tucson Police Department for a broken headlight. When the officer asked if he had any weapons, he told him he is a concealed carry permit holder and had a gun on his right hip. Because his wallet was in his back-right pocket, the officer needed to disarm him to check his ID. Hildreth wrote about his experience with the […]

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    Sublime Summer Essentials

    Jason Lee: Elaine good morning. It’s all about summer essentials so what do you have for us? Elaine D’Farley: Good morning. Today we’re going to talk about wetness protection. We’re all running around, we’re doing errands, we’re getting hot, it’s hot outside. So we have Degree women dry spray in fresh energy. It’s fantastic because it has a exclusive motion sense technology which is designed to respond directly to your body movements. So it gives you superior 48 hour odor […]