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Philly Beer Week (Photos)

Philly Beer Week is a 10-day celebration of beer and beer culture in Philadelphia.  Philly Beer Week began in 2008 and has grown to one of the largest beer events in America featuring festivals, dinners, tours, pub crawls, tastings, brewery events and beer fests all over Philadelphia. Philly Beer Week is organized and operated by Philly Beer Week Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization overseen by a board comprised of brewery owners, distributors, restaurant owners and others, to promote Philadelphia’s beer and hospitality industries.

We at PHL17 love a cool one, or a warm one, depending on the brew, so here is a collection of Philly Beer Week stories, photos and videos we have covered over the years.  Our favorite is Dunkel Dare with Marc Summers!

PHOTOS: Dunkel Dare with Mark Summers 2012

Philly Beer Week ends this Sunday at Monks Cafe

Biz Bites Features Philly Beer Week & Bierstube

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All week I’ve been showing some of the top breweries around Philadelphia in honor of the 6th annual Philly Beer Week! Today I wrapped things up with with the founder of the event, Tom Peters and he shared a little bit about the last event of Philly Beer Week which will take place this Sunday called “Who the Hell Let Tom into the Brewery?” At this event Tom will feature some unique beers including the Allagash PNC  Broken Elevator, which I had the honor of being the first person in the world to taste, and let me tell you, it is delicious! To try this and many other beers from Monk’s Cafe, you can attend this event on Sunday,  June 9th at noon!

To learn more about Who the Hell Let Tom into The Brewery check out the Monk’s Cafe site!

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It’s beer week! All week we have been sharing with you some of the finest beers and breweries around. This time I visited Bierstube in Old City on Market Street to speak with the executive director of Philly Beer Week, Don Russel! Don introduced me to a variety of delicious beers including one created just for you ladies! Framboise is from a brewery in Belgium and it is infused with raspberries and a little bit of sugar.  Not only did I taste that, but I got a taste of the oldest brewed beer in the world! Founded in 1040, Weihenstephan is coming up on celebrating its one thousandth birthday!

All of these beers were delicious, fun, and the perfect way to celebrate Philly Beer Week which is running now through June 9th!

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Our own beer expert Zach Lashway visited McGillin’s Pub to celebrate Philly Beer Week with a taste of some of the best beers in town!

Tonight at 5pm, McGillin’s will be featuring the best of local brewers in PA.

Zach was lucky enough to taste some of these local favorites!

  • Susquehanna Brewing Company – a 8.8% southern hops cross and a black pillsner
  • Yards Brewing Company – a sour light summer beer and a saison tart tonic brew
  • Yuengling – flagship amber lager and the Lord Chesterfield Ale

It’s never too early for Zach to taste some delicious and flavorful beers! But don’t take his word for it, head on down to McGillin’s to taste them for yourself!

For more information on Philly Beer Week visit! McGillin’s can be found at 1310 Drury Street Philadelphia, PA and at their website.

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Devil’s Alley is a “wicked good time” and the restaurant joined me live on the set this morning in honor of Philly Beer Week with a look at their devilish menu and what they’re pairing with beer.

Check out what Chef Brian Fidiam made for us!

Ahi seared tuna with a light beer and seasoned with lavender, jalapeno and cilantro, topped with a curry sauce. We cooked up some mussels simmered in a wheat beer that were unbelievable!

And, who doesn’t love a good Philly pretzel? We dipped pretzel nuggets in a cheddar ale beer sauce.


Devil’s Alley has loads of events on tap for Beer Week including….

3 big course, 3 big beers for just $35 bucks!

Beer Week runs until June 10th so be sure to head down to Devil’s Alley on 1907 Chestnut Street! For more information visit their website at

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Our own Zach Lashway was joined in studio by Thais De Silva from Dia Doce Cupcakes and Joe Breslin from Whole Foods to discuss the wonderful concoctions of beer infused cupcakes! These delicious cupcakes were baked with the local Yards Brewery selections.

Zach tasted three different types of cupcakes:

  • Lemon Cake cupcake with a strawberry rhubarb center and lemon frosting infused with the Yards IPA, which has citrus hops
  • Banana Toffee cupcake with a vanilla bean cinnamon whipped cream paired with the Yards of the Revolution-Jefferson, which is brewed with a sweet honey flavor
  • Flour-less Chocolate Cake cupcake made with real local coffee, dipped in a bittersweet ganache, and drenched with the Porter Ale, which has dark roasted coffee and chocolate flavors

The pairings were spot-on and Zach certainly enjoyed the Tuesday morning wake-up!

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Want to try these tasty treats for yourself? The beer cupcakes will be featured at the Mile Post Pub at Whole Foods Market on Lancaster Avenue in the Devon Village Shopping Center tonight at 5pm.

For more information about the Mile Post Pub, visit them on Facebook.


Jared Littman, President and co-founder of Philly Tap Finder says, if you’re looking for a specific beer or just want to know what’s on tap then Philly Tap Finder is the site for you.

This site has no shortage of bars for you to explore and offers a drink for every taste. Philly Tap Finder allows you to search by either bar, beer, style, or neighborhood and if you do not have a preference you can simply do a word search. Through the aid of this site the 80+ bars featured are seeing more business and keeping  those taps flowing. For one local bar Kraftwork, who sells hard-to-find and sought-after brews, the site aids in spreading the word of their one-of-a-kind beers.

If you ever find yourself craving a specific brew, then Philly Tap finder is for you!

For more on this website, visit

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More than 20 of the nation’s finest cask ale producers will gather at Yards Brewery for the Sixth Annual Philadelphia Real Ale Invitational.  PHL17′s Zachery Lashway talks with Tom Kehoe, owner of Yards Brewery about the event and gives his best swing at tapping a cask.  How many times do you think it takes Zach before he strikes beer?  Take a look!

Picture your beloved Double Dare, but with beer.  Beginning June 5, Frankford Hall in Philadelphia and original show host, Marc Summers, celebrated Philadelphia Beer Week with a 3 night event they called Dunkel Dare. Inspired by Double Dare, the Nickelodeon game show that launched Summer’s career, Dunkel Dare, battled breweries including Yards, Victory, Sly Fox and Great Lakes against one another in attempts to win placement on Frankford Halls draft list for a year.   Keeping in mind that the only place in Philadelphia that serves more beer than Frankford Hall is the stadiums, draft placement is a kegtastic prize.  Almost as kegtastic as the bragging rights that go along with winning the inaugural Dunkel Dare.

Marc Summers was phenomenal and still looks and sounds great as does original show announcer John “Harvey” Harvey.  Harvey now a handyman by trade said it was only recently that he finally ran out of the show supplied Reeboks.  The grown up tweens that met the two 80s icons reveled in the moment with excitement that was palpable.  The lines for photo ops stretched the length of Frankford Hall.  The show took on a slightly more adult tone as beer was involved, but it was still classic Double Dare type fun.  Summers, still with his classic delivery, seemed to be having as much fun with it as the packed Frankford Hall crowd.  “You guys were smarter when you where ten!” Summers joked as a contestant struggled with directions at one point.  Photos from Dunkel Dare 2012 below.

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Teams from each brewery participated in a Q&A competition as well as competed in messy physical challenges in attempts to win. Questions included matters such as beer makings, history and culture. Each team received two ten-minute rounds of questions. The breweries either answered the questions for a $10 prize, or dared the other team to answer the same question for an upgraded prize of $20. If after that the other team could not answer, they had the option to Double Dare it back for $40 or take a “physical challenge” for the same amount if completed. Challenges included: Rubber Ducky Dunk, Paper Airplane Challenge and Back-to-Back with Rubber Ball.

The second round was a beer tasting match up. Contestants tasted various styles of beers from either a German brewery or an American brewery and were asked to identify both the style and nationality. The winning team faced an obstacle course comprised of six stations, each hosting a flag that had to be grabbed in order to win a prize. The stations resembled rope climb, foam/popcorn pit, and a Sundae Slide.

The event also included a live band as well as the well known classic props such as the giant nose and of course, green slime.


PHL17 will air video coverage of this event Thursday, June 14th, 2012 on Eye Opener (6am-8am).