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Music Beat with Mike Adam


When music’s hottest stars come to Philly, they come to Music Beat. Q102′s Mike Adam gets personal with today’s populars artists, upcoming musicians, and celebrities.

Mike has interviewed trending artists such as self proclaimed “Yeezus” rapper Kanye West, pop star Selena Gomez and Jimmy Eats World.

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The American- indie pop band, Echosmith, consists of four siblings: Graham, Noah, Sydney, and Jamie Sierota. Their most recent album, “Talking Dreams,” was released in October 2013.

They started their music careers by re-creating covers on popular songs. Soon, their fan base grew and they started writing and singing their own music.

Interested in seeing them? They will be playing at Vans Warped Tour 2014 for the second year in a row.

Check it out to learn more!

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On Eye Opener Music Beat we had the American Authors, an American indie rock band based in Brooklyn, New York, signed to The Island Def Jam Music Group. Members of the American Authors met in college, got what they wanted and dropped out. Members of the band attended Berkeley to meet other potential members and once formed they moved out of school and into the entertainment business.
“The sole reason for going to school was because we all wanted to do this our whole lives, we had bands we loved to listen to and we always wanted to find people with the same interests as musicians,” said one member.
The American Authors moved from Boston to Brooklyn and have lived in a small apartment for three years to pursue their dream. Members of the band have been on tour for months leaving little time to relax in their apartment.
mike adam

The phrases “get it right, get it tight” and “hip hop” will be forever tied together (thanks to the one and only Bubba Sparxxx), so it’s fitting that in this episode of Get It Right, Get It Tight, I get my swag on. I’m joined by Eye Opener intern Stan as we learn three sets of moves from the dancers at Beat Addikts United, a dance troupe in Delaware that focuses its energy on talented high schoolers.

But today they’re taking us on as students and they’ve got a few tips to share off the bat. Like that hip hip is a full-body workout – get low, crunch in, and follow the rhythm of the music. My dance background helped a little bit and Beat Addikts made the experience a lot of fun! Look for me in an upcoming music video. Or more likely – on Eye Opener, weekdays from 6 to 8 a.m., only on PHL-17.

By Ashley Johnson @AshleyNJohnson3


“Would you choose water over wine? Hold the wheel and drive.”

Recognize those lyrics? They’re from the song “Drive” off of alternative band Incubus’ breakthrough third album “Make Yourself.” That song helped the group become a huge success in the late 90s, and after a bit of a lull, 2006′s “Light Grenades” brought them back into popularity in a big way. The band is still touring and making music, and lead singer Brandon Boyd visits the Music Beat to talk to Q102′s Mike Adam about what he’s been up to in recent years.

The band has racked up an impressive four #1 hits on Billboard’s US Alternative Songs chart, with “Drive,” “Megalomaniac,” “Anna Molly,” and “Love Hurts.” Their most recent effort, 2011′s “If Not Now, When?” debuted at number two on the Hot 100. The band has recently been touring South America. Boyd has been doing a lot of writing as well recently, which he talks about. Take a look!





Swedish house music duo Icona Pop really live up to their name, having helmed the iconic (and inescapable) pop smash “I Love It” which became a summer anthem midway through 2013.  On top of that they’re getting ready to take the concert scene by storm as the supporting act for both Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry’s upcoming tours. Q102′s Mike Adam spoke with the indie darlings in the new year’s first Music Beat.

In it, he asks them about their extraordinary rise to fame, their debut LP “This Is…” and how their families have registered their new-found popularity.

Icona Pop can be found at the intersection of indie pop and commercial appeal – a powerful combination that has led to their international success and blossoming careers. The girls are down to Earth but rightfully excited about what the future has in store. Take a look at the fun interview!

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In this week’s music beat, Q102′s Mike Adams snags an interview with the man, the legend: Kanye West. The rapper was in town performing at the Wells Fargo Center in support of the critically-acclaimed “Yeezus,” and Mike gets the inside scoop on what it was like making the album. Plus, hear how Kanye thinks he stacks up to rappers like 2Pac and BFF Jay-Z.

The outspoken performer has been making headlines lately, having just picked up Grammy nominations for best rap song (for “New Slaves”) and best rap album (the aforementioned “Yeezus” is up for that honor). On top of that, he’s been getting a lot of attention for his elaborate proposal to Kim Kardashian and the couple’s provocative music video for his new single “Bound 2.”

Mike finds out how Kanye thinks his style has evolved since his “College Dropout” days and at what moment the artist first considered himself a rapper. Take a look!

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Q102′s Mike Adam is back for another music beat and this time he’s joined by beloved television personality Marc Summers! The game show host turned Food Network staple talks about how he got his start and childhood dreams of being in television. Longtime fans will remember him as the host of the game show “Double Dare” on Nickelodeon. But his career also includes ventures in comedy, talk shows and famously the Food Network program “Unwrapped,” on which he lead viewers on tours of food-related factories and kitchens.

“The goal was always to take over Johnny Carson’s spot as many of the comics in the seventies who came to L.A. tried to do,” Summers explained.

But instead, he became a beloved icon in his own right, inspiring a cameo on sitcom “Workaholics” and amassing a horde of fans between his various ventures. Take a look!

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On this Music Beat, Eye Opener’s Mike Adams catches up with pop star, Selena Gomez.  Gomez tells Mike Adams the career she would have chosen if she didn’t become an actress—you’ll never see this one coming!

Making her debut as an actress on the silver screen in shows such as Barney and Friends and various Disney Channel series, audiences have watched Selena Gomez grow into the hit singer/actress that she is today.  After making her mark on the silver screen, Selena began to appear in hit Hollywood films and focus more on her singing career, releasing hit studio albums such as, ‘When the Sun Goes Down.’

After releasing her most successful album and having two singles reach the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, “Love you Like a Love Song” and “Come and Get it”, Selena Gomez soon became even more of a star than she was before among young teens.  Selena Gomez is currently on tour where she is selling out stadiums all over the country.

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On this Music Beat, Mike Adams meets with veterans of the music scene, Jimmy Eat World, talking everything from their upcoming tour to which star they would choose to replace their lead singer!

Jimmy Eat World is a well-respected American rock band from Mesa, Arizona who has been gracing the music industry with their alternative rock sound since 1993, producing EIGHT studio albums!  The band is composed of four members including lead vocalist and guitarist, Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Rick Burch and Zach Lind.

Watch as the band and Mike discuss Jimmy Eat World’s current tour in the U.S. and Europe and check out who the band chooses when Eye Opener’s Mike Adams asks which artist they would want to replace their front man, Jim Adkins–trust us, you won’t see this one coming!

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