Zachery Lashway, a native New Yorker joined PHL17 in January 2012 and worked for the station until 2016.

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  • A National Honor Bestowed Upon One Local Vet

    Health experts say cancer is as widespread in dogs as it is in humans.  Once a dog reaches the age of ten, he or she reportedly has a 50 percent chance of getting some form of cancer. When it comes to our four-legged friends we tend to seek out the best medical treatment possible.  People throughout the Delaware Valley spend millions of dollars on their pets’ healthcare each year. Dr. Jennifer Baez a veterinary oncologist from Center for Animal Referral […]

  • The Mummer That Struts On

    Jim Julia, Sr., passed away suddenly on November 12, 2015. Jim was a mummer for years with the Downtowners Fancy Brigade and would later go on to be the clubs’ captain.  Eventually leaving his post as captain, Jim would serve as the President of the Fancy Brigade Division. It was under his leadership Mummery was transformed.  In the 1990’s Jim was responsible for moving the Fancy Brigades performances from outside in front of City Hall to inside the Pennsylvania Convention […]

  • Harvesting Cranberries for the Holidays

    Thanksgiving is only eight days away which means Philadelphians and people throughout the Delaware Valley will be crowding the stores for all the fixings for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Gravy, check.  Sweet potatoes, check.  Cranberries, check. About that ruby red fruit… South Jersey is home to some of the nation’s most beautiful cranberry bogs.  We sent our very own Zachery Lashway to Chatsworth, NJ to check out one cranberry farm that’s been around since 1868. Lee Brothers Inc. is one […]

  • Serving Those Who Served Us

    Americans are marking the 50th Anniversary of the Start of Major U.S. Combat operations in Vietnam. Some men and women returning home from combat suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For Vietnam Veteran Steven Smallwood the fight against PTSD is a fight he knows all too well. After decades of hardships and run-ins with the law, Smallwood was finally diagnosed with PTSD. The New Jersey man says he was able to change his life around. But it wasn’t long after […]

  • New Screening Guidelines For Breast Cancer

    We’re in the middle of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — a perfect reminder and time to get a mammogram.  But the question remains, when should you get a mammogram and how often? That confusion has surfaced again. The American Cancer Society has changed its guidelines, saying women can wait until their 45 to start getting annual mammograms.  Before this change it was recommended women begin annual screenings at the age of 40. One health expert says if a woman […]

  • Democrats Divided On A Biden Bid For White House

    Sources say we should know by Wednesday whether or not Vice President Joe Biden will run for the White House in 2016. Pennsylvania Congressman Brendan Boyle tweeted Monday saying he has a good source close to Biden who says he will run. “I have a very good sourse close to Joe that tells me VP Biden will run for Prez.” Meanwhile the White House continues to field questions on the matter daily. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says, “I […]

  • A Final Farewell To U.S. Airways

    U.S. Airways will embark on it’s final flight this morning. Flight 1939 is scheduled to depart Philadelphia International Airport at 10:05 a.m., stop in Charlotte, NC; Phoenix, AZ before landing in San Francisco. When the airbus 321 returns to Philadelphia on Saturday it will be wrapped in an American Airlines banner. This is the result of the 2013 mega merger with American Airlines. U.S. Airways operated nearly 7,000 flights daily, had more than 100,000 employees and managed about eight percent […]

  • Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey To Retire

    Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced his plans to retire on the exact day he will celebrate his eighth year on the job. An emotional Ramsey said, “I want to thank Mayor Nutter. I came out of retirement to come to Philadelphia and work for him and I’m honored to be able to leave with him as well.” Ramey’s retirement will take effect on January 7, 2016. Ramsey was sworn in as Philadelphia’s Top Dog on January 7, 2008. In […]

  • Boy Blessed By Pope Francis Receives Large Donation From Hollywood

    The first stop Pope Francis made when he touched down in Philadelphia was to bless a 10-year-old boy. Michael Keating a twin to Christopher, a younger brother to his older sister Katie, and the son of Kristin and Chuck Keating has cerebral palsy and spends most of his time in a wheelchair. The Keating family of five is in need of a working wheelchair accessible van. The lift they have on their current van which is second hand does not […]

  • Unknown Rules of The Road?

    It is against the law to use your cell phone while driving. Many people think that the law only prohibits cell phone use during driving and people think that only when the car is moving. But the statute clearly states cell phone use is prohibited when operating a motor vehicle. Lawyer and legal analyst Elura Nanos says there’s a gray area there too… “There are times the car could be in park that you would still be considered operating a […]