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Tony has been vital member of the PHL17 since 2008. He proudly serves as producer and host of the award-winning tv show Weekend Philler. If he seems oddly familiar, you may recognize his “mug” from promos, most notably, retro 70s character “Peter Cheeseman in PHL’s promos. You’ve probably even heard his voice in a commercial or, two.

When Tony is not “philling your weekend,” he manages the web department where he writes, shoots and edits stories, galleries and videos that have generated millions of views for PHL17. That clever tweet or funny Facebook post that made you laugh? Chances are, it came from Tony, as he also overseas the station’s social media efforts.

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Recent Articles
  • Devil’s Creek Brewery on Weekend Philler

    In this Weekend Philler clip we explore the Jersey Devils favorite beer and meet the husband and wife team behind Devil’s Creek Brewing Company in Collingswood, NJ. By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host Got a great idea for a story? Tweet me @tonyromeo , follow me on Facebook or send me an email.  As always, thanks for the tip! If you like stories like this, please like Weekend Philler on Facebook!

  • The Record Museum in Berlin, NJ

    The resurgence of vinyl is undeniable, but for guys like Doug Kepple in Berlin, NJ – it never went away. The Record Museum features South Jersey’s largest selection of vinyl records. Not only do they love selling records, they love buying them just the same. If you are interested in buying records or selling your own collection, check out or visit their shop on Route 73.

  • Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey on Weekend Philler

    Our good friends at Dad’s Hat Rye taught us all about craft spirits and how they distill pre-prohibition style Rye Whiskey 100% in the state of Pennsylvania.

  • Crabby Dick’s in Historic Delaware City

    Crabby Dick’s is an all-American seafood restaurant in historic Delaware City. General Manager, Ryan Campor, takes us through the history of the restaurant, including the story behind the building itself, which is the original Delaware City Hotel from 1826. Chef Jimmy Johnson talks food, and we learn about the “spirits” the restaurant and bar have to offer. Crabby Dick’s is located walking distance from Fort Delaware – a fun little getaway, only a short drive away! For more information, visit […]

  • Berlin Brewing Company on Weekend Philler

    BERLIN, Nj– Berlin Brewing Company is a 1930s baseball themed craft brewery that is great at nostalgia and even better at beer. Tony Alfano and Joe Cruz have been at the location in Berlin, NJ since 2014. Great beers include the Boro Kolsch, the Insolent IPA and the one of a kind Grey Earl.  I could not wait to feature them on Weekend Philler’s “Craft Corner” segment not just because they are great brewers, but they are great guys that […]

  • Beerfest on the Battleship NJ

    Each and every year the good folks at the Battleship New Jersey in Camden, NJ host the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild‘s Beerfest.   It began in 2003 and has grown each and every year.  In 2017 45 brewers from all over the state of New Jersey attended. Weekend Philler caught up with Executive Director Jason Carty of the NJ Brewers Guild and Jack Willard Marketing Director of the Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial to tell the tale of a great […]

  • Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Company on Weekend Philler

    CHERRY HILL, Nj– Forgotten Boardwalk is a unique mix of really interesting nostalgia and really interesting beers.  The brewing company names all its beers for legends in and around the NJ seashore of yesteryear, in particular, Asbury Park, the hometown of owner Jamie Queli. By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host Got a great idea for a story? Tweet me @tonyromeo , follow me on Facebook or send me an email.  As always, thanks for the tip! MORE CRAFT CORNER […]

  • Flying Fish’s “Pork Roll Porter” craft beer on Weekend Philler

    With so many clever names and ingredients in craft beer, Weekend Philler met with the brewers of Flying Fish’s Pork Roll Porter and denizens of the Flying Fish Tasting Room to see how much much pork roll goes into this specialty craft beer and how “porky” the beer is. You can catch more from Flying Fish Brewing Company on PHL17’s Weekend Philler on November 12 and November 26th. PHOTOS from the Flying Fish Brewery Shoot By: Tony Romeo / PHL17 […]

  • Atco Brewery on Weekend Philler

    ATCO, NJ — One of the newest breweries in Southern NJ is also one of our favorites and we learned all about Atco Brewing Company on Weekend Philler’s “Craft Corner” segment. We came for the ugly sweaters, we stayed for the delicious brew!  In just their first year of operation, beers like Swellhead, Atco IPA and Piney Pale Ale, named for the NJ pine barrens, have not only put Atco Brewing Company on maps– but on taps.  (One of the […]

  • Brewery Ommegang launches new ‘Game of Thrones’ craft beer at Eastern State Penn

    For two nights historic Eastern State Penitentiary transformed into the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to help launch the newest craft beer from Brewery Ommegang.  The new ‘Game of Thrones’ Edition is called Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale.  The new brew is hopped with Bravo, Centennial, Citra, Cascade, and Columbus, and brewed with pilsner, white and red wheat, oats, and a touch of sugar to lighten the body. The brew will be available in 750ml bottles this month. In addition to […]