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Tony has been a vital member of the PHL17 Creative Services team since 2008. In addition to managing the web department, Tony writes, shoots and edits stories, galleries and videos that have generated millions of views for PHL17. And that clever tweet or funny Facebook post or picture that made you laugh? Good chance that it came from him, as Tony also overseas the station’s social media efforts. Social media rule of thumb? If the tweet or post is funny, Tony wrote it.

When Tony is not slinging webs for PHL17 he hosts Weekend Philler, the creative services weekend show that he also produces for. If he seems familiar you might recognize his voice from commercials, or recognize his “mug” from promos, most notably, retro 70s character “Peter Cheeseman” in the Eye Opener promos.

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Recent Articles
  • Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Company on Weekend Philler

    CHERRY HILL, Nj– Forgotten Boardwalk is a unique mix of really interesting nostalgia and really interesting beers.  The brewing company names all its beers for legends in and around the NJ seashore of yesteryear, in particular, Asbury Park, the hometown of owner Jamie Queli.

  • Frogs a Chorus of Color at the Academy of Natural Sciences

  • Berlin Brewing Company on Weekend Philler

    BERLIN, Nj– Berlin Brewing Company is a 1930s baseball themed craft brewery that is great at nostalgia and even better at beer. Tony Alfano and Joe Cruz have been at the location in Berlin, NJ since 2014. Great beers include the Boro Kolsch, the Insolent IPA and the one of a kind Grey Earl.  I could not wait to feature them on Weekend Philler’s “Craft Corner” segment not just because they are great brewers, but they are great guys that […]

  • House Paws Mobile Vet on Weekend Philler

    MOUNT LAUREL, Nj — Dr Lisa Aumiller and her staff take the hassle out of veterinary service by treating your pet in your home.  Their pricing is really competitive but most of all, they are really nice people as Weekend Philler learned on our “ride along” with some vets and some techs. By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host Got a great idea for a story? Tweet me @tonyromeo , follow me on Facebook or send me an email.  As […]

  • French Bulldog Rescue Network Kissing Booth on Weekend Philler

    MAGNOLIA, NJ — Once a year the good folks at the French Bulldog Rescue Network hold a kissing booth to raise funds and awareness for the lovable “Frenchies” as the cool kids call the breed.  The breed is very popular, but not without its problems, so that means lots of French Bulldogs need help. That’s where the French Bulldog Rescue Network comes in.  You can learn more about them and the important work they do all year around by following […]

  • Cupid’s Undie Run on Weekend Philler

    PHILADELPHIA — This “brief race” is one of my favorites and I have been covering the Cupid’s Undie Run since it started.  Dan and Sandy Frenia, as they will tell you, are not event planners, but they have been able to make this event bigger and bigger each year.  They are the nicest people you could ask to meet and for them, the battle for NF and Children’s Tumors is personal. With their leadership, Philadelphia has emerged as the 3rd […]

  • Spellbound Brewing on Weekend Philler’s Craft Corner

    Mt Holly, NJ — Weekend Philler caught up with the great people at Spellbound Brewing and all their wonderful craft beers. 16 on tap with ingredients as varied as the imagination. By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host Got a great idea for a story? Tweet me @tonyromeo or send me an email.  As always, thanks for the tip!

  • Cap Swag Custom Apparel on Weekend Philler

    Berlin, NJ — Mohammed Easmael, with the help of his family run a wildly successful and wildly popular custom apparel shop.  But Mohammed is into more than the custom work, he wants to help you “be your brand” every step of the way. BONUS VIDEO:     By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host Got a great idea for a story? Tweet me @tonyromeo or send me an email.  As always, thanks for the tip!

  • Philadelphia Auto Show on Weekend Philler

    When Weekend Philler caught up with Kevin Mazzucola, Executive Director Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia, he called the Philadelphia Auto Show, “The Garage Mahal.”  For those that travel to the 700,000 square foot installation at the Philadelphia Convention Center, this assessment is spot on.  The convention center is turned into a giant showroom with every car in every budget and all the major brands represented, vendors, interactive displays, classic cars, famous cars and truly something for everyone. By: Tony […]

  • Fire & Ice Festival on Weekend Philler

    In this clip Weekend Philler got to know the good folks at the Fire & Ice Festival in Mount Holly, NJ.  Dog Sledders, Ice Carvers, Glass Blowers, Curlers, tons of Chili Makers and more.  The festival is the last weekend in January and well worth the trip.     By: Tony Romeo / Weekend Philler Producer/Host Got a great idea for a story? Tweet me @tonyromeo or send me an email.  As always, thanks for the tip!