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Tony has been vital member of the PHL17 since 2008. He proudly serves as producer and host of the award-winning tv show Weekend Philler. If he seems oddly familiar, you may recognize his “mug” from promos, most notably, retro 70s character “Peter Cheeseman in PHL’s promos. You’ve probably even heard his voice in a commercial or, two.

When Tony is not “philling your weekend,” he manages the web department where he writes, shoots and edits stories, galleries and videos that have generated millions of views for PHL17. That clever tweet or funny Facebook post that made you laugh? Chances are, it came from Tony, as he also overseas the station’s social media efforts.

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Recent Articles
  • No Harm No Fowl

    Weekend Philler helps animals without eating animals at No Harm No Fowl, a vegan benefit hosted by HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service at Flying Fish Brewing Company, featuring Norma’s and The Square Meal!

  • Little Water Distillery

    Weekend Philler has some cocktails at Little Water Distillery!

  • Berlin Brewing Co. MOS Interviews

    Weekend Philler visited Berlin Brewing Co. on St. Patty’s Day and got some great Man-on-the-Street Interviews! Here they are below: Who would you pick as your Celebrity Parents? What is your Spirit Animal? What Movie Title is the Story of Your Life?

  • Millville Youth Empowerment Summit

    Weekend Philler watches students become empowered at the Millville Youth Empowerment Summit at Lakeside Middle School!

  • Downing Digest at Grace Downing Elementary

    Weekend Philler meets the student creators of the Downing Digest at Grace Downing Elementary!

  • The Violence Movie

    Weekend Philler gets an inside scoop on the creation of The Violence Movie!

  • Dad’s Stuffing

    Weekend Philler meets a great family and tries some awesome chicken meatballs at Dad’s(All Natural)Stuffings!

  • Pine Tavern Distillery

    Weekend Philler tries some local spirits at Pine Tavern Distillery, the first distillery in Salem County since the prohibition!

  • Lunacy Brewing Company Cancer Survivor

    Following our initial interview with Lunacy Brewing Company, Weekend Philler heard an emotional backstory from two of the company’s co-owners.   While you’re here, check out our original segment on Lunacy Brewing Company!  

  • Prospector’s Country Line Dancing

    Weekend Philler checks out some country line dancing at Prospector’s Steakhouse and Club!