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  • Basketball team kicked out of youth league for racist jerseys

    CINCINNATI — An Ohio basketball team has been kicked out of a youth recreational league for wearing racist jerseys after photos began circulating on social media. Parent Tony Rue posted the images on his Facebook page Sunday after attending a game where the Ohio team was playing. “A Rec league or not, please explain how this is even remotely considered appropriate for a high school basketball game. From a team name referencing sexual conduct to offensive and racist nicknames,” Rue wrote on […]

  • Letter from 27-year-old on her deathbed will change your view of life

    NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia – People across the globe are reacting to a heartbreaking, inspiring letter written by a 27-year-old Australian woman while on her deathbed. Holly Butcher died last week after battling Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects mostly young people, reports. But before her death, she wrote a letter, and she instructed her family to post it on her Facebook account once she passed away. In the letter, she reveals what it’s like to […]

  • Aspiring rapper robbed Wingstop to get owner Rick Ross’s attention, police say

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A suspect in an attempted robbery at the Wingstop on Union Avenue told police he was an aspiring rapper trying to get the attention of restaurant owner and rap mogul Rick Ross, according to general manager Elma Allen. WREG showed surveillance video of the incident Friday night. By Monday, police said they got a tip identifying Cedric Miller, 23, as one of the suspects. Related: Police looking for suspects who held up Wingstop, left empty-handed  A Wingstop […]

  • Video shows man’s valiant attempt to stay upright on icy driveway

    LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. — A camera recorded a Virginia man’s adrenaline-pumping start to the work day after he stepped out of his house and onto a black ice-covered driveway. Video posted on social media Tuesday, which has since gone viral, appears to show the man leaving his home in Northern Virginia, according to WTVR. As he steps out onto his driveway, he immediately loses his footing and the slope makes it impossible to turn back. The man slips and slides down […]

  • 10-year-old ‘sports analyst’ steals the show at Alabama’s homecoming celebration

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Dozens of fans braved the rain and cold on Tuesday morning to welcome the Crimson Tide players back to Tuscaloosa. But even though the Tide took center stage, a young man in elementary school stole some of the limelight. The phrase “age is just a number” usually refers to those defying odds later in life. In this case, it refers to the detail in which some of the youngest Tide faithful know their sport, 10-year-old Jackson Way in […]

  • Father turns in teen son after finding child porn on phone

    O’FALLON, Mo. – A Missouri teenager is under investigation for child porn after his father turned him in.  The father, Paul Spensberger, reported to police on December 30, 2017, that he found nude pictures of a toddler on his son, Andrew Spensberger’s, cell phone. He had confiscated the device after punishment for other bad behavior, according to St. Charles County court documents and a police probable cause statement. Police say the images were of one of Andrew’s girlfriend’s relatives. Court documents state that […]

  • Samsung’s 146-inch television ‘The Wall’ is as big as a wall

    NEW YORK – Televisions often aren’t very exciting. They’re flat black rectangles you tend to forget about when a show or movie starts playing. But at CES 2018, the annual tech show happening this week in Las Vegas, manufacturers are still trying to generate buzz for their lineup of TVs coming later this year. The show also features futuristic concepts, such as a display you can roll up like wrapping paper and hide away. Those types of displays are more […]

  • Army veteran pulls over, stands for WWII veteran’s funeral procession

    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A touching photo spreading on social media shows a U.S. Army veteran holding his hand over his heart as a procession for a fellow veteran passes by. The man, identified as nine-year Army veteran Bradley Faulkner, pulled his semi-truck over on Interstate 70 and gave the patriotic salute, WMAZ reports. Kristen Collins, granddaughter of deceased World War II veteran Fred Ladage, snapped the photo on Friday and posted it on Facebook. The post reads, “While in […]

  • How to Find PHL17

    Looking for PHL17 on the dial?  You came to the right place. PHL17 Over-the-air: 17.1 Xfinity: 17/807 Verizon Fios: 17/517 Directv and Dish Network: 17            

  • Weekend Philler Episode 122

    In this episode of Weekend Philler we jam with the Philly Roller Derby Kids, throw rocks at houses with Pinelands Curling Club, pop the culture with Mucky Chris and his Buddha figures, crown Joe Gacy CZW Champ, dip into some buffalo sauce for a kitchen hack segment, shroom with our friends at Phillips Mushroom farm and set the weekend wayback machine to the 90s for Kid Time News. Wow, that’s an action packed half hour.   Thanks for tuning it to […]