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    Mother shames sons with signs after finding gang-themed Facebook posts

    Memphis, Tenn. — A Tennessee mother is getting a lot of attention for how she punished her teenage sons after she found a number of inappropriate posts on their Facebook pages. Shonta Love said she made her 14-year-old and 15-year-old sons stand at the corner of Hickory Hill and Winchester for around 40 minutes Monday night holding signs that read, “My mom works 3 jobs and I’m being disrespectful and ungrateful on Facebook.” Love said her sons posted obscene images depicting […]

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    Dr. Heimlich, 96, uses his life-saving technique for the first time

    CINCINNATI, Ohio — Dr. Henry Heimlich, who developed his namesake maneuver that has saved the lives of countless choking victims over the years, recently got to use the emergency technique for the first time. The retired 96-year-old surgeon was in the dining hall at his senior living facility in Cincinnati when an 87-year-old woman began choking on a piece of hamburger. Heimlich told The Cincinnati Enquirer that he has demonstrated the well-known maneuver many times since developing it in the 1970s, but […]

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    Defense attorney admits Casey Anthony killed her daughter, investigator says

    A private investigator hired by Jose Baez, the defense attorney for Casey Anthony, claims Baez admitted that Casey Anthony killed and buried the body of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. In court documents that went public last month, Dominic Casey said Baez told him he “needed all the help he could get to find the body before somebody else did,” according to WFTS. The bombshell court records also allege that Casey Anthony paid her lawyer with sex, and that the defense team […]

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    Former CIA spy teaches you how to escape an abduction

    Former CIA spy Jason Hanson is the author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life. Crime Watch Daily visited Hanson’s spy school in a top secret location where he trains people in evasive driving techniques, personal protection and how to get out of sticky situations. Could being tied up with duct tape really happen to you? You better believe it. Summer vacation is here, and for many that means international travel. In Mexico, the crooks do what’s called an […]

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    Trump nabs first lead against Clinton in poll

    Donald Trump clawed to his first lead in a general election matchup against Hillary Clinton, surpassing the former secretary of state by 0.2 percent as of May 21. Clinton’s double-digit lead evaporated in the last six weeks as Trump mounted a slow and steady climb throughout April, according to polling averages from RealClearPolitics. As the InsideGov visualization shows, Clinton and Trump have maintained a close competition in a head-to-head race. Although Clinton has bested Trump consistently, the race did tighten […]

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    Grieving customer leaves generous tip, kind note for New York waitress

    NEW YORK – A New York waitress was brought to tears when a generous customer recently left her a sizable tip and a kind note. Becky Nielsen had just finished serving a regular customer Friday at the “Breakfast Spot” in Cohoes when she returned to the table to pick up the check, local television station WTEN reported. The customer not only left a 350 percent tip on a $22 bill for Nielsen, but also wrote a touching message on the […]

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    Florence & the Machine sing for teen in Hospice

    Hospice Austin was established more than 30 years ago to ease the physical, emotional and spiritual pain of any person in our community facing the final months of a serious illness.  The not-for-profit hospice, never denies services regardless complexity of disease, cost of care, or inability to pay. This week with the help of Florence and The Machine they did an amazing thing for a teenager in their care.  A 15-year-old patient in their care had long planned to go […]

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    Vet intern solves mystery, saves paralyzed dog’s life moments before he was to be euthanized

    Portland, Oregon — It was a close call for one dog in Oregon, whose owners thought they had to euthanize him until an attentive intern spotted something very small that saved his life. KPTV reports that the Fate family took their beloved dog, Ollie, to the veterinarian when he suddenly became paralyzed. After a thorough check and no answers, the family had to make a tough decision. “They finally decided they had reached their limit, and it was time to help […]

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    17-year-old graduates from technical college two weeks before graduating from high school

    Cleveland, Wis. – Possibly the youngest student to ever earn a diploma at Lakeshore Technical College graduated with his peers on Saturday, May 21st. One can only hope that Jordan Leslie loves the sound of pomp and circumstance, because he’s going to be hearing a lot of it this spring. “I was going fast through my courses. He was like, you know, maybe we could try something different,” said Jordan Leslie, graduate. It started on an adviser’s whim and ended […]

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    Woman’s pure joy over Chewbacca mask goes viral

    GIF: “It’s the simple joys in life.” That was the caption Candace Payne wrote to go with a Facebook Live video after she brought home a Chewbacca mask on Thursday. “I’d like to say that I bought this for my son that would really, really want it. And let’s be honest, he’ll probably confiscate it from me. … He’ll probably take it from me. However, this is mine. At the end of the day, this is mine that I bought […]