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  • bryan1

    Country singer Luke Bryan slaps ‘insulting’ audience member during concert

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Luke Bryan bent down and slapped a man in the face while performing his single “Move” at the Charlie Daniels’ all-star Volunteer Jam in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday. According to the RollingStone, at least two men were heckling Bryan during his performance. In the video, you can hear the singer clearly say “come on” before slapping him. After the incident, Bryan continued to sing as if he hadn’t just hit someone. Security personnel quickly arrived to remove the […]

  • nurse1

    ‘I didn’t get it’: Oncology nurse writes note to patients after own diagnosis

    Lindsay Norris has a lot to say to the cancer patients she’s helped in her role as an oncology nurse, but in a recent blog post she penned after finding out she has cancer herself, the prevailing theme is: “I didn’t get it.” Per People, Norris was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal adenocarcinoma in September, and that diagnosis has been an eye-opener for the 33-year-old mom from Kansas. In her note, Norris apologizes to her past cancer patients, noting how […]

  • parrot3

    Parrot joins man in mugshot

    WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oregon — An Oregon man appeared with his companion parrot in a mugshot after bringing it to court on Monday. Washington County court clerks said Craig Buckner was at the courthouse on Monday for violating a release order. Buckner thought he would get a “turn yourself in” sentence and decided to bring along his companion parrot. When Buckner went into court, he told the parrot to wait for him out in a tree in the courtyard of the courthouse. […]

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    ‘Grinch’ flicks cigarette on Dr. Seuss float, setting it on fire on way to Christmas parade

    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A real-life Grinch set fire to Whoville, burning down the Dr. Seuss-themed float before it could reach the Huntsville Christmas Parade in Alabama Thursday. Jeananne Jackson, the creator of the group behind the float, told WHNT someone flicked a cigarette from another car while they were driving on South Memorial Parkway.  Jackson said her husband was driving the truck with the float and she was in another vehicle and saw everything happen. The cigarette butt landed in several […]

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    North Carolina man reels in massive 112-pound catfish

    NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. — A North Carolina man hooked a hulking 112-pound catfish, just 5 pounds shy of breaking a state record, according to WWAY. Riahn Brewington said he caught the huge fish the day before Thanksgiving at his favorite spot along the northeast section of the Cape Fear River. Brewington said he released the catfish after the catch. “In the water, it felt like it was pretty big,” he said. “I thought it would have already snapped the line, but I didn’t realize […]

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    Threatened alligator snapping turtle rescued from Texas drainage pipe

    HOUSTON — A 53-pound alligator snapping turtle found stuck in a Texas drainage pipe is recovering after fire-rescue crews freed the prehistoric-looking animal Tuesday. The turtle was found in Hockley, a residential development roughly 35 miles northwest of Houston, after a resident noticed it wedged in the end of a pipe and called the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. When the rescue team arrived, they determined the pipe was dented at the opening, preventing the turtle from passing […]

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    “Cody” the dog adopted from Puetro Rico and lost in South Jersey found a month later

    Berlin, NJ — Most pooches that find themselves in the predicament that Cody found himself, don’t have happy endings. But with the help of 2000 flyers, hundreds of searchers and thousands of shares on social media– Cody is home safe and sound and, mostly, in one piece. Cody’s unbelievable story begins in Puerto Rico. Cody was a shelter dog that had a rough go that left him terribly shy. So, Joe and Taylor Orthey adopted him to give him a […]

  • buzz2

    Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from the South Pole

    SOUTH POLE, Antartica – Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon in 1969, is being evacuated from the South Pole after his medical condition deteriorated, according to a release by the National Science Foundation. Aldrin was part of a tourist group visiting Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station through luxury tourism operator White Desert. Although his condition has not been disclosed, a White Desert doctor and the US Antarctic Program doctor decided an evacuation would the best […]

  • dolly

    Dolly Parton to give $1,000 per month to families who lost everything in Tennessee wildfires

    GATLINBURG, Tenn. — Country music star Dolly Parton says she wants to help families in her community in eastern Tennessee whose homes and memories were reduced to ashes this week. She’s created a fund through her Dollywood Companies and hopes to give each family affected by the wildfires $1,000 a month for six months to help them get “back on their feet.” “I’ve always believed charity begins at home and my home is some place special,” she said in a […]

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    Her hubby gave his mistress her beloved scarf. Now, GoFundMe revenge

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned—or the woman’s kick-ass friends. As Canadian women Brooke and Vanessa write on GoFundMe, after about 20 years of marriage and eight kids, their friend Heather’s husband (or “WASband,” as the ladies call him, dubbed an “A+ term” by Redbook) was found to have been “sowing his wild oats with a neighborhood tart” who became pregnant. Heather is OK. She moved on, got a tattoo, and has a new job. But she lost […]