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  • Eye Opener Morning News Live from Wing Bowl 22

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    VIDEO: Pittsburgh crowd honors Canada before Flyers versus Pens game

    VIDEO: Pittsburgh crowd honors Canada before Flyers versus Pens game

  • sidney-crosby-Halloween

    17 Halloween costumes that might be offensive

    17. Sexy costumes inspired by the movie “Frozen.” It’s the most popular kids’ movie of all time, at the height of its popularity. Let’s give the kiddies at least one more Halloween before we slut this one up. 16. Zombie, Surgery, Autopsy or any other mean-spirited Joan Rivers. Too Soon! Love her or hate her, Joan was a comedy legend. Give her the respect of one Halloween before the costumes get mean. If you want to honor Joan? Go with […]

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    VIDEO: Soldier just home from Afghanistan surprises daughter in Pumpkin Patch

    Meg Kaplan: “My husband had been in Afghanistan for 10 months, and our daughter had no clue he came home while she was in school!” More Info.   VIDEO: Soldier just home from Afghanistan surprises daughter in Pumpkin Patch  

  • IN FOCUS Election 2014

    “Election 2014: In Focus” Sens. Pileggi & Hughes on what really will (won’t) get done next year

    Steve Highsmith talks with PA State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R) and State Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee Chair Vincent Hughes about the governor’s race, the majority in the senate and what will or won’t be accomplished next year on taxes. Michael Morrill and Don Adams summarize the LCB reform debate.  Jeff Jubelirer and Vincent Thompson examine the week’s campaign developments including the “Vietnam issue.” Ellen Kaplan of the Committee of Seventy delivers the facts on Pa’s state income tax […]

  • IN FOCUS Election 2014

    Ryan Costello and Manan Trivedi on Election 2014: In Focus

    This weekend, candidates for Lt. Governor will speak on Election 2014 11:30 am Saturday and 11:00pm Sunday on PHL17. Last week, Republican candidate for Congress Ryan Costello and Democratic candidate for Congress Manan Trivedi talk with Steve Highsmith about the issues in the race for Congress in Chester County and other parts of the 6th Congressional District. Michael Morrill and Don Adams talk immigration.    Renee Amoore, Vincent Thompson and Chris Borick discuss the week’s happenings. Ellen Kaplan tells whether the […]

  • IN FOCUS Election 2014

    “Election 2014: In Focus” Andy Reilly & Anthony Hardy Williams

    Delaware County Republican Party Chair Andrew Reilly and Philadelphia and Delaware County State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams talk Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett and voter turnout with Steve Highsmith in Media, Delaware County and in West Philadelphia. Michael Morrill of Keystone Progress and Don Adams of the Independence Hall Foundation give their commentaries on the pension crisis, and Jeff Jubelirer and Vincent Thompson discuss the week in the Governor’s race and look ahead. Ellen Kaplan of the Committee of Seventy […]

  • Silly-Scarecrow-Prank

    VIDEO: Silly Philly scarecrow prank terrifies locals

    YouTube prankster Ed Bassmaster gave Philadelphians quite the scare in his newest viral halloween video.

  • chain-saw-massacre-prank

    VIDEO: Gruesome Chainsaw Massacre Prank

    Internet celebrity Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who is known for his over the top pranks has made another hit video on Youtube, and it’s rather gruesome. The above video takes place in a parking garage where unsuspecting guests witness a man with a chainsaw slaughtering his victim before getting chased themselves by the attacker. The actor playing the mutilated victim is Nick Santonastasso, a 17 year old New Jersey native who was born with no legs and only one arm. Nick suffers from […]

  • Juan Samuel at Phillies Phestival 2014

    VIDEO: Phillies Phestival 2014

    The Phillies have raised over $15 million to help those who suffer from ALS with their annual Phillies Phestival. For more from Phillies Phestival, use these links. Phillies Phestival 2014 Photos Phillies Phestival 2013 Photos Phillies Phestival 2012 Photos Phillies Phestival 2011 Photos Phillies Phestival 2010 Photos Phillies Phestival 2009 Photos