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  • Adopt A Pet: Victoria

    This basset hound may be an old lady, but Victoria has her eyes set on finding a forever home! Victoria, or Tori for short, is 14 years old and comes to us from a no-kill senior dog rescue in Philadelphia. Her soulful eyes and droopy ears are just two of her captivating characteristics. She’d do great in a quiet home with a couch she can snuggle up on. She’s not super playful, but does well with kids and other dogs. […]

  • DailyMailTV airing weekdays on PHL17

    What started as a British tabloid is now one of the most red newspaper websites in the world… ever heard of Now we will be able to bring the best of to life on television. DailyMailTV will feature exclusive stories and content from along with breaking news on a variety of topics – think: showbiz, politics, crime, sports, health, science and technology. If there is a story trending that audiences want to know, then DailyMailTV promises to […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Esperanza

    Are you looking for a young cat that will shower you in kisses? Look no further! Meet the beautiful, tortoiseshell Esperanza, our latest adoptable companion featured on “Meow Monday!” Esperanza is one and has the perfect temperament for a home looking for a sweet cat that loves to cuddle. Because she is so young, Esperanza is looking for someone who is committed. Cats can live to be 15-20 years old on average. Esperanza was found on the streets when her […]

  • “The Goldbergs” Star Stops by PHL17

    There’s a new comedy on the air at PHL17 and it has a special connection to Philadelphia. “The Goldbergs” features young Adam Goldberg documenting his family’s crazy life, which happens to be in Jenkintown. PHL17’s Jenna Meissner spoke to one of the stars of the show. Take a look! You can see “The Goldbergs” every weeknight at 6 and 7:30pm right here on PHL17!

  • Adopt A Pet: Wesleyan

    Though she is only five, Wesleyan has already become a professional cuddlier, and she’s looking for a loving home! Wesleyan is a shy Maltese mix, but warms up rather quickly to offer up a cuddly hello at first meeting. Her and her brother, Wabash, were left stranded together when their family moved without them. Both are up for adoption either together or separately. She is definitely a lap dog, who is really looking for affection and love just so she […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Senor Fox

    He might be an old guy, but he certainly isn’t cranky! Meet Senor Fox, our latest adoptable friend. This 12-year-old cat will make an amazing¬†companion. Senor Fox is a “ready to go pet” who knows how to relax and loves being with people. Even though he hasn’t been around since he was a kitten, you’d be shocked at how quickly he’ll bond in your household. Senor Fox would do great in a home with a calmer setting with someone who’s […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Princess

    PHL17’s latest adoptable furry friend is royalty. Meet Princess, a five-year-old Chihuahua. Princess was found in the Point Breeze section of Philadelphia in very bad shape. The vet wasn’t sure she was going to make it, but luckily Saved Me Rescue took her under their wing. Princess is very healthy now, but she is diabetic.¬† She’ll require some medical care and insulin moving forward, but that doesn’t slow her down! In true Philadelphia style, Princess is resilient. She loves to […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Conner

    This is Conner a two-year-old basset hound mix who is very playful and sweet. He is always happy and knows his commands as well as his own name. He is very quiet and rarely barks, he would do well in many different homes. Conner knows when to relax but also when it’s time to play and have fun. He loves jumping around outside with his toys and will snuggle up to you at the end of the day. Everyone who […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Peanut

    This curious cat is Peanut and he is just adorable. Peanut is about one-year-old but may even be younger because he hasn’t quite grown into his big paws. Peanut’s family only had him for one week when they found out they could no longer keep him because a member of the family developed an allergy. Now, he’s ready to purr his way into his forever home. For more information on Peanut go to

  • Adopt a Pet: Ginger

    Meet Ginger! This gorgeous girl is a foxhound mix who is very loving. Ginger has a very special story, her time was almost over at a shelter in South Carolina when Mums and Mutts found her and hooked her up with a rescue home in Philadelphia. Now Ginger is with Home at Last Dog Rescue and she’s ready to find her forever home. She’s a typical hound and sniffs around outside but also knows when it’s time to take a […]