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  • Adopt a Pet: Kingsmen

    This royal dog is ready to find his castle. This is Kingsmen, a four-year-old pitbull mix who is full of energy. Kingsmen is very friendly, playful, and loves to roll around. He is very unique, he has one ear that sticks up and one ear that stays down which makes your heart melt. Kingsmen was found as a stray in Philadelphia and is now with Save Me Rescue in Philadelphia. He would do best in an active household that is going to give […]

  • Millennials and Money

    According to a recent study, majority of millennials said they are investing for retirement but fewer than half contribute to a 401k plan. Chelsea Krost, a millennial lifestyle contributor, talks about millennials and their money habits. “There’s a misconception that millennials don’t invest or buy things. However, millennials are investing for things such as marriage, retirement, purchasing a home, and buying a car. In addition to these larger life events, more than any other group, millennials are putting away for shorter […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Huggy

    It’s time for Meow Monday.. PHL17 helping rescue pets get adopted. Today we introduce you to Huggy! This lovable guy gets his name because while in care, his foster mom noticed he loves to be picked up, cuddle her chin, and give her hugs! He is now finished with foster care and is looking for a special home.. Two-year old Huggy was found as a stray with a wound on his back leg. After some care from the ACCT Philly medical team, Huggy was feeling […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Jade

    Jade is a 10-year-old pit mix who is ready to find her forever home. Jade is part of a promotion at the SPCA where the staff take prom pictures with the dogs. She will be prom queen, all she needs now is her forever date. She is a couch potato, wants to lay on the couch and just relax and enjoy life. She’s not-she love’s you and she’s friendly-but she’s not in your face about it. Which is really nice, she’s independent. Jade […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Skiler!

    It’s time for Meow Monday…PHL17 helping rescue pets get adopted…and today we introduce you to Skiler. This fabulous feline with the pretty green eyes just loves people as well as rubs and hugs.. she has a lot of love to give back too! Listen closely and you’ll hear her purring.. Skiler is a very sweet girl. She ended up at the shelter when her family had a child who unfortunately developed allergies. They took great care of her and were very […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Abby

    It’s time for Mummers and Mutts and this week we introduce you to Abby. This two year old is extremely sweet and loves to cuddle. Abby is a Chihuahua mix who is very calm and loves to be picked up and held. She was originally a stray from New Jersey when Street Tails Animal Rescue found her and brought her to Philadelphia. Abby has a cataract in her left eye, but she’s completely ready to go. She would be perfect […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Bailey

    It’s time for Meow Monday…PHL17 helping rescue pets get adopted…and today we introduce you to Bailey. This cute and cuddly tortoise shell and tabby mix loves to be held and cuddled. She has tons of love to give, and is looking to share all that love in a forever home. Bailey was found in a backyard and was taken to our friends at ACCT Philly to find a home. She has grey striped fur and enjoys attention. She is very […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Mustang!

    Time for Mummers & Mutts! Mummers helping rescue pets get adopted. Say hello to Mustang! Mustang is a six-year-old sweet, big-headed Pit mix, who’s always ready for a walk or run. He’s the best of both worlds because he’s also very laid back and loving. He actually gives kisses on demand! Mustang would do well in a lot of different environments. However due to his size and the fact that he can be energetic, I think he would do well […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Mallory!

    Megan McFarland is back with the latest pup up for adoption. Meet Mallory! Mallory is a three-year-old lab mix, who landed in the shelter after a terrible attack. She was stabbed several times and you can still see where she was shaved so her wounds could be treated. Now she’s happy, healthy and loves frisbee! Mallory has the energy of a puppy and loves to give kisses. She’s a great dog for an energized family with an active lifestyle. She’s […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Buttons

    Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia joins us once again with a very special guy. In all our time doing these segments, he is by far the most laid back guy we’ve ever met. Buttons is four years old and arrived at ACCT Philly as a stray. His finder saw other cats beating Buttons up on the streets, but he didn’t fight back making her think Buttons was most likely someone’s pet. He’s very sweet and zen. Buttons loves […]