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Lauren Berman is a Rowan University graduate that joined the PHL17 News Team in 2015. Lauren is a South Jersey native that is passionate about our area and that passion comes through in her work.

When not making news for the station, Lauren can be seen acting within the Philadelphia theatre community

Recent Articles
  • Look Fresh and Fabulous All Summer Long

    We all want to look our best in the summer but with the humidity and scorching heat, we need to rethink our beauty routines. From protecting our skin against damage to getting our feet sandal-ready, beauty expert Kate De Ponte has the scoop on how to look fresh and fabulous all summer long. “Summer’s almost here and it can be a tricky time for our beauty routines. Luckily, I’ve got some products to help, like a great deodorant. I love […]

  • Your Road to the Trucking Industry

    Have you ever considered becoming a CDL driver? There’s a huge demand for CDL drivers according to recruiters from various companies. Check out this upcoming job fair with All State career school in Tinicum township from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The director of career services, Diane McQuillan said “The career fair is for anyone, new graduates, students in the school get to meet the companies who hire out of school. It’s an opportunity for experienced drivers to look for new opportunities […]

  • Create an At Home Spa Experience

    An in-home spa experience that you can get at home for you and your pet? It’s possible. Lifestyle expert Dave Sinclair says this product is not only changing up a boring bathtime routine, it may also save you money. “More than two-thirds of Americans take `at least` one shower a day. But are we washing away worries or building up problems? From lingering too long in the warm water to showering at the wrong times of day… recent reports suggest […]

  • Spring Beauty Products Put to the Test

    When it comes to skin care do you really have to spend hundreds of dollars for products that deliver? Good Housekeeping Institutes beauty lab put face creams to the test by conducting clinical and blinded customer studies and found some remarkable results. To tell us all about it is Good Housekeeping’s style director Lori Bergamotto. So tell us what did these studies find and how did you do it? “So at the Good Housekeeping Institute we know that there are […]

  • The Latest In Spring Beauty & Fashion Essentials

    Spring is officially here and it’s time to hit refresh on our daily beauty routines. Beauty expert Kate De Ponte has the best in beauty products and daily routines for us! Spring is here and it’s time to shed those winter layers and reveal your most beautiful self. Sloughing off dead skin is key and the Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 expertly exfoliates with a 25% blend of alpha & poly hydroxy acids to remove dead surface layers and reveal a more radiant […]

  • March Renewals: Spring Beauty Products For A New You!

    Spring is finally here and it’s time to update your beauty routine. We had the chance to talk to beauty expert, Cheryl Kramer Kaye, about her favorites picks for this season. “Let’s start with a spring cleaning of our skin with the ultimate, pore purifying ingredient, charcoal. You will find it in Biore’s Self Heating One Minute Mask, which is like a mini facial for your skin. When you activate this mask with water it heats up, which not only […]

  • Transformation of the Westmont Theater into a Planet Fitness

    It has been a long and strenuous road to transform the Westmont Theater, but the historic landmark has finally opened its doors once again. This time as a 24-hour Planet Fitness. PHL17’s Lauren Berman takes a look back at the theater’s rich history and it’s $3 million renovation.

  • ‘Hungry Harvest’ launches in Philadelphia, joins fight against food waste and hunger

    PHILADELPHIA — Twenty percent of perfectly edible food is thrown out in the United States.  Hungry Harvest is a company working to end that statistic, and it’s now officially delivering in Philadelphia. CEO Evan Lutz founded Hungry Harvest in 2014 out of his dorm room at the University of Maryland. After receiving $100,000 from Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank in 2015, the compnay spread it’s roots to Virginia and D.C., including an official launch in Philadelphia at the beginning of […]

  • DIY Zombie Makeup you can do at home!

    Just a little gelatin, Elmer’s glue and some Ramen noodles can turn you into a horrifying zombie in less than 20 minutes. PHL17’s Lauren Berman and Jenna Meissner caught up with Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls makeup director, Lauren Palmer for a beginner and intermediate zombie look! What you will need: Matte eye shadow palette Red, dark purple & blue lipsticks Concealer 3 shades lighter than your skin tone Tissues Glue Ramen Noodles (oatmeal/cereal work too) Gelatin & […]

  • Philadelphia’s When In Need Foundation gears up for ‘Mission of Mercy’ medical trip to Nigeria

    “We wanted the world to see that it really doesn’t take much, it really doesn’t take a huge amount of money to touch…thousands of lives.” Chetachi Ecton, founder of the When In Need Foundation nonprofit, has made it her life mission to help others, and she wants you to know it’s not hard to do it too. “My team is really really small, and every mission we do, we do ourselves.” says Ecton, speaking of herself and her three colleagues. “We […]