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  • Police are warning drivers about dangerous new trend

    Police are warning drivers about a dangerous new trend.   It involves groups of teens on bikes riding with their front wheels up…Showing just how close they can get to a car before swerving away. Authorities said itĀ can lead to injury and even death. Police in Delran, New Jersey said they have recently received multiple complaints about swerving. They will issue tickets to offenders, but they also plan to reward kids who ride their bikes responsibly.  

  • Khiree’s Classroom: Holocaust survivor inspires elementary school students

    Lise Marlowe is a teacher at Elkins Park School in Cheltenham Township and was trying to find a unique way to teach her students about the Holocaust. She came across the trailer of a documentary about a deceased Holocaust survivor named Harry Somers. HeĀ escaped Nazi Germany when he was a teenager, but lost his parents and sister. Somers later became an impressionist painter. “He had everything taken from him but he still wanted to bring beauty into the world,” said […]

  • Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner sparks controversy