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  • Local teenager builds nuclear science project in his basement

  • House to vote on measure to repeal Obamacare

    On Thursday, lawmakers are scheduled to vote on a measure to repeal Obamacare, but there is growing skepticism on whether republicans will have enough votes to do it. Advocates for the bill say it would loosen regulations, save the federal government money and give insurance companies more flexibility, but a number of republican lawmakers have already said they`re going to vote against it. Conservatives are not satisfied the bill goes far enough and think lawmakers should find a way to […]

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show is coming to Philadelphia

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show is holding an event this afternoon in center city that’s going to cause some road closures during rush hour. She plans to interact with fans live via satellite. The buzz around the event started Sunday night when Ellen tweeted that she was going to shutdown a couple blocks of Walnut Street, inviting fans to show up. That was followed by another tweet Tuesday, saying she was sending some crews for a live shot. City officials say the […]

  • Mother of soldier killed in Iraq more than a decade ago opens local resource center for veterans

      In August of 2004, Jacquelyn Dixon`s life changed forever. Her son, Anthony “Joe”, also known as A.J. was killed during a tour of duty in Iraq. “Somebody in the area detonated an IED and killed him,” she said. “The shrapnel came up through the floor and killed him immediately.” He was only 20 years-old. “I thought i was in la la land. I just couldn’t imagine this happening to my son, but it did.” A year after his death, she […]

  • Icy conditions will impact morning commute after snow storm

      A lot of the snow that came down on Tuesday froze overnight. That means drivers ca are going to deal with some slippery conditions. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation said you should drive slowly, increase your following distance, avoid sudden stops and starts if you have to head out the door today. Black ice is also a concern, so you should still take it slow even if you see the pavement. Pedestrians should also be careful. Untreated sidewalks that […]

  • Volunteers prepare for the largest flower show in the country

      Jill Bonn has volunteered at the Philadelphia Flower Show for 22 years. “It`s beautiful, it`s artistic, I always learn , I make new friends,” she said. She`s one of the four thousand volunteers getting their hands dirty to turn the Pennsylvania Convention Center into one of the largest gardens in the world. Filled with hundreds of different kinds from different countries all over the world. Some of the things you can expect are gardening and landscaping tips, contests, and […]

  • Broadway star speaks to high school students about Ragtime controversy

      Former Ragtime cast member, Brian Stokes Mitchell, sings to students at Cherry Hill East. Students here will begin to perform ‘Ragtime’ later this week. They spent the last few weeks rehearsing for it. The musical deals with race relations in the early 20th century. In January, there were debates surrounding the use of the ‘n’ word in the play. Copyright obligations prohibited changes to the script so the school district decided to use the play as an opportunity educate […]

  • Retired police officer writes book on history of blacks in the Philadelphia Police Department

      Arthur Matthews is holding more than a hundred and thirty years of history in his hands. “The history of blacks is scattered and what we tried to do is bring it together to try and tell a story,” he said. That story is called “Black in Blue”. It’s a book he wrote about first African-Americans to join the Philadelphia Police Department. It begins in 1881. The black community in Philadelphia spent 10 years rallying for black officers. They felt […]

  • Philadelphia Police dogs receive a special gift to help improve performance

    Walking on four legs around Philadelphia International Airport, Cora and her partner, Officer Terrance Wright, have worked together for five years. She`s a bombing sniffing dog, which means a lot of *walking for both of them. “We constantly walk around people and she looks for explosives. There`s such a large space that we cover. The dog`s nose is always working.’ Sometimes all that sniffing and walking can take a toll on Cora. To help her and all of the K-9`s at […]

  • Kellyanne Conway “counseled” after promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing brand

      Kellyanne Conway is at the center of another controversy. The White House advisor may soon be the focus of an ethics investigation after she promoted the president’s daughter’s, Ivanka Trump’s, clothing line on Fox News. “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff. Is what i would tell you. I’m going to … I hate shopping,” she said. “I’m going to get some for myself today. It’s a wonderful line. I own some of it. I fully… I’m going to give it a free […]