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  • Lucky Charms Unveils New Marshmallow

    For the first time in a decade, the iconic cereal is adding a new marshmallow to its team. General Mills announced the permanent “magical unicorn” addition. The marshmallow is a white horse colored with a pink-and-blue striped mane and horn. It’s the first time one of the marshmallows was inspired by and created by kids and General Mills says it was a “unanimous” decision. In return, the food giant will be retiring the hourglass marshmallow. This isn’t the first time […]

  • Hot Spots in Freezing Weather

    *The following post is sponsored. If the winter blues are getting you down, it’s time to start thinking about hot spots for vacation. Travel Expert Kris Kosach has some vacation spots in mind. For 20 years, Kosach has been finding locations for vacationers and says this year it’s all about the Texas Gulf Coast. If you’re taking the kiddos along, try the Galveston Beaches and Island. It’s a great spot for family vacations and they’re gearing up for their spring […]

  • Average Engagement Ring Costs

    If Valentine’s Day has you thinking about popping the question, just how much is it going to cost you? The Knot’s 2017 Real Wedding Study says Americans on average drop $6,351 for that special ring. The study broke down spending state by state and found that California, North Carolina and Wisconsin spent the most on engagement rings, while New Hampshire, Vermont and Utah spent the least. Pennsylvanians spent $6,627, New Jersey residents coughed up $6,969 and those who live in […]

  • Valentine’s Gifts: Sense About Scents

    *The following post is sponsored. Beauty Expert Grace Gold is here to help Cupid find the perfect fragrance for Valentine’s Day. Gold said fragrance is classic and one of the most romantic gifts you can get a woman on Valentine’s Day. A top seller? Vera Wang’s Princess Fragrance Line. “It’s feminine, it’s modern, it’s always sophisticated and stylish, it’s free-spirited…it has that great youthful spirit that we all possess no matter what our age.” Her latest fragrance is the Vera […]

  • Cyber Security Shocking Statistics

    *The following post is sponsored. Most of us spend countless hours online doing everything from business and shopping to casually surfing the Internet, but are we overly confident when it comes to our online security? Last year, cyber crimes affected 143 million Americans and hackers stole $172 billion dollars. Those are just a couple of shocking stats found in Symantec’s 2017 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report. Cyber Security Expert Kevin Haley says victims share a few traits. “The time that […]

  • Disney Hikes Prices Again

    The Happiest Place on Earth just got more expensive. If you’re planning a trip to see Mickey Mouse and the rest of the crew, it’s going to cost you. Walt Disney World’s and Disneyland’s park tickets for adults and kids plus parking have gone up again. “Regular” ticket pricing is up $4 to $119 for adults and $113 for kids at the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando. During peak visitation times, parents will have to shell out an additional $5 […]

  • Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Edition

    *The following post is sponsored. Emmy Award-winning consumer technology journalist Jennifer Jolly makes giving gifts easy this Valentine’s Day so you can focus on giving love. Fresh flowers always remain a top choice when February 14th rolls around. If you don’t have the chance to visit your local florist, checkout “You just go online and a few short clicks later their florists handcraft stunning arrangements. They have all kinds of awesome choices… customized, delivered right to the doorstep by […]

  • Valentine’s Day: Staying In Or Going Out?

    *The following post is sponsored. For many Valentine’s Day means an expensive night out on the town, but you’d be surprised how many people prefer a quiet night at home. Lifestyle expert Danielle Smith has some ideas for the perfect “stay-at-home Valentine’s Day.” Every year Valentine’s Day comes with increased pressure to create an elaborate and expensive experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. “I would like to suggest that you start with creating a recipe. So many […]

  • Eagles Victory Parade Transportation Information

    The city has released a number of road closures ahead of the Eagles Championship Celebration. “Significant travel delays can be expected on the date of the event and implementation of additional road closures and lane restrictions may be necessary during the event to maintain public safety,” reads the official statement. Here’s the detailed list: ¬†Wednesday, February 7 The inner lanes (inbound and outbound) of Benjamin Franklin Parkway from Eakins Oval to 20th Street will be closed from 10:00AM-3:00PM and 6:00PM-10:00PM […]

  • Best & Worst Big Game Commercials

    *The following post is sponsored. Millions of Americans tuned into Sunday’s big game for the football of course, but it wouldn’t be Super Bowl Sunday without the commercials. USA TODAY’s Charisse Jones broke down which commercials viewers rated the best and worst. There’s no question about which commercial ranked the best on this year’s Ad Meter competition. “It was Amazon’s Alexa and how could it not win? It really tapped into the cultural moment. The idea of her losing her […]