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  • Equifax Data Breach: What Happened and What Now

    News of the recent Equifax breach left millions of people worried. What exactly happened and how can consumers protect themselves moving forward? Host of HerMoney podcast Jean Chatzky shares her take on the national incident. Chatzky broke it down in simpler terms. “Essentially 143 million pieces of data, affecting half of all American adults, was stolen. We’re talking about things like social security numbers, names, addresses, dates of birth… the sort of information that could be used to create a […]

  • Mouth And Foot Painting Artists Battle the Odds

    If you lost the use of your arms and hands, would you have the will to still do what you loved? Two incredible women have done just that. Alana Tillman was born without the use of her arms and hands and art student Mariam Pare could have given up after being shot at the age of 20. Instead, these remarkable women focused on their love of painting, using their mouths. Now the women are making a living with their unique […]

  • Changing Beauty Routines from Summer to Fall

    Beauty expert Lilliana Vazquez shares the biggest change you have to make when transitioning your beauty routine from summer to fall. It’s important to remember that as the seasons change, beauty routines have to change as well. When transitioning from summer to fall, it’s critical to inject moisture into your routine.  Start with the body’s largest organ – skin! “Nivea Oil Infused Body Lotion is a really beautiful combination of nourishing oils and fast-absorbing lotion. It has three different scents. […]

  • Back-to-school Basics

    Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman shares how to survive the hectic return to fall. Goodman says first focus on taking care of yourself by eating right, exercising, hydrating and making sure you get good quality sleep. When sleep is evasive, a 100% drug-free solution like melatonin could be an option. “Melatonin +5-HTP is scientifically formulated to tackle three areas of sleep including calming the mind, falling asleep fast and staying asleep with controlled release. It helps parents wake up refreshed in […]

  • DJ Khaled Surprises College Freshman

    One college freshman received the surprise of a lifetime from hip-hop mogul DJ Khaled. On college campuses nationwide, welcome week activities are designed to help incoming freshman meet their new classmates. Thanks to Mentos there’s likely no freshman in America who’s connected with more of his classmates this year than University of Wisconsin- Madison’s Sam Jeschke. The brand surprised Jeschke with an epic challenge: connect with his campus community using 43,000 bottles of Mentos gum. The prize? A free DJ […]

  • Battling Migraines In The Workplace

    Professional race car driver Danica Patrick knows the impact migraines can have on one’s professional career and wants to put a stop to it. Thirty-eight million people in America experience migraines, but Excedrin uncovered that 81% of these migraine suffers choose to suffer in silence. “Luckily I get them when I don’t have to go to work which is Monday and Tuesday, but that’s work days for most people. I can’t imagine having to go to work with a migraine […]

  • National Suicide Prevention Week

    Suicide is one of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States This year National Suicide Prevention Week runs from September 10th to the 16th. Chief Medical Officer of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Dr. Christine Moutier shares how to talk to your kids about suicide and mental health. It’s key as a parent to realize mental health, just like physical health, is dynamic. “We can use great strategy and parenting guidance. The first thing I […]

  • Are You Sleeping Enough?

    Do you sleep as hard as you work? For many of us, experts say the answer is no! The National Sleep Foundation recommends that the average adult gets seven to nine hours of sleep a night, but a recent Mattress Firm survey says with distractions like technology, pets, and even life in general we are not getting adequate sleep. Sleep Health Expert Dr. Sujay Kansagra says sleep makes our work and our lives better. “Sleep affects a lot of what […]

  • Doctors Urge Men To Talk About Their Health

    It’s easy for dads and sons to talk about sports, work or the weather, but when it comes to health issues opening up may not be so easy! Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Daniel Shoskes helped conduct a survey as a part of the clinic’s MENtion It campaign. They asked men how comfortable they felt talking to their families, especially their sons, about health. The survey found that men are very uncomfortable when it comes to talking about their health. A large […]

  • Spruce Up Your Sandwich For $25,000

    Right now your best sandwich recipe could earn you $25,000! To submit your delicious and nutritious recipe is simple! First, create your ideal sandwich recipe using any Arnold Bread products. Next, go to to enter your recipe. Finally, America votes. The top recipes will be judged by Chef Tom Colicchio. The grand prize is $25,000, while the runner-up receives $5,000. For every recipe entered and vote cast, one loaf will be donated to Feeding America. Entries will be accepted […]