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    Fitness Hacks To Consider With Your 2017 Health Resolutions

    If you’re struggling to keep those fitness resolutions in the new year, here are some tips to help you stay on track. “My top tip is to always set yourself up for success. You want to prioritize nutrition, but even the best laid and strategized plans can go out the window when life derails us. I don’t know about you Jenna, but my life is far from perfect. And I know that I would really love to have some whole […]

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    The future of traveling

    Have you ever wanted to go on vacation with nothing, but yourself? Well, now you can. “Check this out. We are inside a 14,000 square foot virtual cruise ship that the Carnival Corporation built all of this to show off this. It’s a tiny new wearable that’s meant to replace your keys, your wallet, your passport and all of your worry the next time you’re on vacation. Let me walk you through exactly how this works. You can wear it […]

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    Tips for Battling Flu Season

    An expert on staying healthy through the cold winter months ahead spoke to us about how to avoid the pesky cold and flu. “The first step to keeping those healthy resolutions is being picky about what you put in your body. With protein, does it taste great? Is it made of clean whole ingredients? Are there artificial things listed on the label? If so then you should get picky about your protein. Orgain products are made from the highest quality […]

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    A Mummer’s mission to give back to servicemen and women

    The Murray Comic Club takes being American very seriously and one mummer in particular has spearheaded a special campaign. Sixty-six year old Jay Polakoff has been part of the Comic Division for 19 years, but it’s what he does during the year that makes New Year’s Day so special. “We started about eight or nine years ago this campaign of putting together some packages initially sending them to club members relatives whom they have again children, cousin, nephews overseas. It […]

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    Financial Resolutions for the New Year

    If your 2017 New Year’s resolution includes balancing personal finances, we’ve got a way to keep you on track with your goals. Ken, we are talking finances. Why do financial resolutions matter? Ken Hevert: “Financial resolutions matter because, number one, it helps people get control over their personal finance. And number two, it makes people feel good that they’re taking a step towards their own future.” What are some tips you may have for keeping these financial resolutions? Ken Hevert: […]

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    Stay Healthy! Cold and Flu Season is Among Us!

    Wash your hands, get your flu shot, and more! We’ve got all of the best tips for cold and flu season. Dr. Peterson, we are in the midst of cold and flu season and everyone wants to know the secret to staying healthy, so what is it? Dr. Keri Peterson: “Well I have some great tips especially for folks with little ones. Now little ones don’t know how to blow their noses very well; it is hard for them to […]

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    A cutting-edge Christmas tree for the eco-friendly

    Many will be disposing of their Christmas trees soon and one Philadelphia-based company wants you to know there’s a sustainable alternative. Mio Culture began in 2001 after brothers Isaac and Jaime Salm combined their passions of industrial design and business. For the past fifteen years their company has been driven by green initiatives with local manufactures and recyclable products. “I think for us it’s always been about common sense. We really can’t conceive of a situation where it’s logical to […]

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    Holiday Gifts For Your Tech-Hungry Family

    Shopping for a savvy youngster or a comic book fan? We’ve got you covered. Jennifer, with all of the smart technology out there a lot of consumers get confused on what is the most functional so as a tech expert what are your go-tos? “Well wearables are hot again this holiday season, starting with Samsung’s two different models of Gear S3. Start with this rugged frontier model with LD connectivity. It lets you make and receive calls, texts, and other […]

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    Holiday Dinner Made Easy

    Christmas is less than one week away and if you’re preparing your holiday dinner, we have some tips to make it quick and easy. Getting a healthy and delicious meal on the table can be challenging, but there is a new option to make it a little easier just in time for the holidays. Hosting your loved ones for a holiday feast doesn’t mean you have to spend hours preparing and cooking. Celebrity Chef and Head Judge on Food Network’s […]

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    Gifts for the Whole Family

    Trying to find the best gifts for everyone on your holiday list? We’ve got you covered. Melissa, it looks like you have a ton of great stuff there. What must we have for the holiday? “Well first I want to talk about fashion for kids. The trends are graphic sweaters, luxe faux fur and everything is mix and match. So we have some great options here from Target. There are key clothing brands for kids and newborns called Cat and […]