John is an award winning Senior Producer for PHL17’s Creative Services Department, and has been with the station since 2009, starting as an intern before working his way up to his current position. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen his work on air, whether it’s a promo, a commercial, or a segment produced for Weekend Philler!

Living in South Jersey most of his life, John graduated from Rowan University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio, Television, and Film. After living in Philly for 4 years, John moved back to South Jersey where he currently resides.

In his spare time, John likes to read, play guitar, and play video games.

Recent Articles
  • WWE Superstar AJ Styles on Weekend Philler

    WWE Superstar AJ Styles stopped by our studio for a PHENOMENAL talk about his career and what he loves about Philly. He also gave us a candid look at what was on his playlist that day in this Extra.

  • Weekend Philler – E.A. Channon

    At Wizard World Philadelphia, we met up with E.A. Channon, author of the Fantasy series Flesh of the Blood. For more information on E.A. Channon, be sure to check out his website:  

  • Weekend Philler – James Rolfe a.k.a. The Angry Video Game Nerd

    He’s gonna take you back to the past! James Rolfe rose to fame on YouTube as The Angry Video Game Nerd over a decade now. Now with over 2 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, he puts out new content on a regular basis. He sat down with us to talk about some of his favorite moment as the Angry Video Game Nerd. For more information, check out his website at And don’t forget to check out his YouTube […]

  • Jim’s Jarhead Jerky – How Beef Jerky is Made

    We check back in with Jim’s Jarhead Jerky to take a look at how their delicious beef jerky is made. If you want to find out more about Jim’s Jarhead Jerky, check out their website!

  • Last Minute Escape

    We checked out NJ’s own Last Minute Escape and the custom room they built for Wizard World 2017 in Philadelphia.

  • Jim’s Jarhead Jerky – Weekend Philler

    Former Marine Jim Ewen started out sending homemade beef jerky to his son-in-law stationed overseas. From word of mouth, he went from sending a couple pounds to few hundred pounds of jerky, and eventually started his own business. For more information (or if you want to order some jerky for yourself) head over to the Jim’s Jarhead Jerky website!

  • 5 Things That Make Wizard World Awesome!

    Heading to Wizard World at the Convention Center this weekend? Here’s 5 awesome things you should check out while you’re there!

  • VR Drop of Doom at Six Flags Great Adventure

    Our own Tony Romeo went to Six Flags Great Adventure to try out the new VR Drop of Doom! His experience on the ride was nothing short of priceless. For more information, check out Six Flags Great Adventure online: Facebook Twitter Instagram Website

  • 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About PHL17

    We’ve been around for 50 years, which means there’s a lot of history to this station. While some things are well known, there’s certain facts about us that aren’t exactly common knowledge. Without further ado, this is 5 things you probably didn’t know about PHL17.