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  • Adopt a Pet: Chelsea and Romeo

    Mother and son, Chelsea and Romeo are our two cuties for this week’s Meow Monday! Chelsea is a 4-year-old orange Tabby that was given up for adoption when someone with cat allergies moved into her owner’s home. She is absolutely beautiful and loves to take extra long naps! Romeo is about 2-years-old. He is Chelsea’s old roommate and workers at the shelter believe that he’s Chelsea’s son. You can see the striking resemblance between the two. Now the folks at ACCT Philly would love to see […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Sully

    Sully is our guy for this week’s Mums & Mutts! Sully is a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. As you might expect, he’s got plenty of energy. He’s a southern gentleman, picked up as a stray in Kentucky! The staff at Saved Me Rescue in Philadelphia says Sully is sweet, social and full of fun. For more information on how to adopt Sully visit Saved Me Rescue!

  • Bridging the Tech Skills Gap

    These days companies are struggling to find employees who are as tech savvy as the workforce demands. There’s a clear technical skills gap that employers and educators are working to bridge. According to one nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science, there are more than 500,000 open computing jobs nationwide. Randi Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media recently joined a group at Austin’s South by Southwest education conference to address concerns surrounding the tech skills gap. “I’m really flattered […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Tinkerbell

    Add some magic to your life with ACCT Philly’s Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell is a mature, eight-year-old cat who is perfect for any home! She’s looking for a new home because her previous owner unfortunately passed away. She’s been well-cared for, trained and is as lovable as can be. She’s a tortoise shell and Tabby cat mix. Look at those big green eyes! Let’s help Tinkerbell get adopted! For more information on her, click here.

  • Adopt A Pet: Bella!

    Happy Meow Monday! Meet our latest kitten Bella. Bella is five months old and full of life. She loves to play and is ready to make someone very, very happy. She’s unique because she has a dilute tortoiseshell coat, a trait only female cats can have. Her personality is super playful, but it’s important to note that she also has a great temperament. She’s the best of both worlds! Bella is at ACCT Philly and is looking for a forever […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Helen!

    Mums & Mutts is back and this week we introduce you to Helen! Helen, aka the Queen Bee, is a Pitt mix from Street Tails Animal Rescue. At just three years old, Helen is completely deaf but that doesn’t stop her from getting along great with everyone. She also knows sign language commands! Helen loves to stay active and snuggle in her diva ways. At the shelter, she goes on frequent runs and anyone will tell you she will be the most loyal and […]

  • Adopt A Pet: Rocky!

    Mums & Mutts is back and this week we introduce you to Rocky! Rocky is a five-year-old Chihuahua that was found as a stray on the streets. He’s very calm, sweet and loves to be cuddled and held. He is also neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. The little guy is great with other dogs and would do well in a family with older children. For more information on adopting Rocky or other great pets head over to […]

  • Adopt A Pet: As Loving As Baxter!

    Our favorite segment of the week Mums and Mutts and this week we introduce you to Baxter! Meet Baxter! He is two years old and has limited feeling in his back legs while in a wheelchair. Baxter absolutely loves life and the happiest dog you will ever meet. He loves to go on walks in his wheelchair but also loves to curl up and cuddle with loved ones. Baxter is fixed, up to date on shots, and great with children and […]

  • Adopt a Pet: Meet Cricket & Little Bits!

    These two lovable kittens are ready to find their forever home! Meet Cricket and Little Bits! These little babies are only three months old and are currently being raised by their foster mom. They are up to date on all of their shots, microchipped and doing well with their litter training! Playful, sweet, and fun these two are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Lets help Cricket and Little bits find their forever homes. For more information, please visit […]

  • LEGOLAND Opens New Attraction

    Legoland Florida’s newest attraction Lego Ninjago world is officially open! We got the details on what its all about. LEGOLAND in Florida just opened their newest attraction LEGO NINJAGO The Ride and can make for a great vacation for the whole family. Joining me now is 13-year-old Grace LEGOLAND’s kid reporter and Tara Settembre, family travel expert. Good morning ladies, tell me about LEGOLAND. “Hi, so some of the new things going on in LEGOLAND right now is that they just came out with a new NINJAGO World […]