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    Adopt A Pet: Meet Dean

    We’ve got our daily adorable, adoptable pet. Say hello to Dean! This is Dean. He’s a 3-year-old Pit-Sharpay mix. Dean is new to the shelter and has only been up for adoption for two weeks. After some tender, love and care Dean is ready for his forever home!

  • Staying Healthy in the New Year

    Have a resolution to get healthier and stay healthier in the new year? Here are some tips to get you started. “Good morning I’m Colleen Campbell. When it comes to resolutions, making healthy changes for the new year is something we all strive for. Joining me is nutrition adviser Mike Rousell and Monte Morris. Gentlemen, what tips do you have for us today?” “So one of the first things you need to start doing if you’re going to make a […]

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    Gadgets Galore From the Consumer Electronic Show

    Tech expert Jamie Sorcher shared some of her top finds from the Consumer Electronic Show all the way from Las Vegas. “The biggest names in the tech world headed to Las Vegas this weekend for the Consumer Electronic Show. I’m Chandler Lutz with gadget girl, Jamie Sorcher. Jamie, give us the low down on the 2017 technology trends.” “Ok, well let’s start over here. This is the Samsung CH711. This is the new curved monitor that comes in 27 inch […]

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    Adopt a Pet: Meet Kitty!

    Meet Kitty! This sweetheart was surrendered to ACCT Philly. She is a very low-key cat, and does well with people. Kitty would do well in a home that has had cats before and knows how to care for them. She is ten years old but has a vivacious personality that would be a wonderful addition to any home.

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    Adopt a Pet: Meet Nick!

    Meet Nick! This vivacious pup is quite the crowd pleaser. He has a warm and loving personality – and easily get’s comfortable with whomever he’s around. He was making friends all morning in the studio. No one could resist that face! Nick is currently in foster care and is ready to be adopted today.  Watch Nick and our PHL17 Morning News team right here.

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    Luke’s Lobster shells out some popular dishes to PHL17 Morning News crew

    Philadelphia, PA – Luke’s Lobster is a sustainable seafood chain founded in New York back in 2009, but their Philadelphia location is quite a hot spot for Rittenhouse tourists looking to catch some delicious and quick seafood. Kristin Steger is the General Manager of Luke’s Lobster in Philadelphia  and met with PHL17’s Matt Alba to explain some of the companies philanthropic efforts over the past six months. Luke’s Lobster serves seafood straight from the source, prepared pure and simple, without […]

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    Post Holiday Toy Safety

    An expert joined us to give some important tips on keeping your children safe when playing with their brand new toys. “Joining me is toy safety mom, Joan Lawrence. Joan what advice do you have for us today?” “Well parents need to know that all toys sold in the us toys you know no matter where they’re made in the world have to comply with our tough U.S. standards. And before they reach store shelves, they have been tested and […]

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    White Dog Cafe Hosts 29th Annual New Years Day Pajama Brunch

    Tamas Szene, general manager at the White Dog Cafe, stopped by the PHL17 studio to tell us about their New Years Day brunch – and what you can expect this year. For the past 29 years, the White Dog Cafe has been hosting its annual New Years Day Pajama brunch. What’s the best part about it? You don’t even have to get dressed! Customers and staff will be clad in their coziest pajamas for this family tradition. Roll out of […]

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    Whoa Phat Brass Band Gears Up for the 2017 Mummers Parade at PHL17

    New Years is only days away, and you know what that means… the Mummers are back in action! The Whoa Phat Brass Band, led by Matt Kruc, stopped by the studio to give us a preview of what’s to come for the New Years Day Mummer’s Parade. The band, who perform with the Pirates in the Wench Brigade Division, will be marching on Sunday, January 1st. Watch live coverage of the Mummers Parade starting at 8:00 am right here on […]

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    A New App that Converts your Downtime into Cash, for Free.

    Raising money for your favorite charity, while possibly pocketing some for yourself just became easy. “AdWap” founder Mike Cassidy joins us to tell us about the new App that makes this all possible. So what is AdWap and how does it work? “AdWap is a name for itself but its also an acronym as it stands for advertising with a purpose. So again its a an app and an website as well, that you can think of it as watching […]