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  • New Enhancements at Walmart of Deptford, NJ

    In Deptford, New Jersey – Walmart is bringing guests a new and improved shopping experience. Bill, Walmart Store Manager, says these changes are made to help the customers. One example is in the Electronics Department – where Walmart will now provide wide interactive displays that customers can touch, play with, and use to help them feel more comfortable with their purchase before buying. Some of the the largest changes customers will enjoy are the self checkouts and online grocery pickup- […]

  • Improve Your Look Without the Surgery

    A new advancement in the world of cosmetic treatments is helping anyone who may feel self-conscious about a particular trouble area. Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn explains more. “Good Morning Doctor. Tell us, what’s your advice on improving your skin? “Well we had this interesting survey that was recently released that found people are – because of this selfie revolution – it is causing people to be self conscious about parts of their face that maybe they didn’t really […]

  • Tips for Digital Branding

    Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages daily and it`s becoming difficult for brands to cut through the clutter. The President of Ars Thanea, Erik Semmelhack, shares his tips on how to get attention through visual storytelling. “Three great tips for visual story telling. Number one, test your story. Is your story Authentic? Is your story credible? And is your story relevant? Number two, plan early and make sure you have the resources needed to be brought into the process […]

  • Protect Your Eyes From Screens and the Sun

    Have you ever thought about how constant exposure to the sun and various screens is taking a toll on your eyes? On any given day our eyes are fixated on televisions, computers, or other devices, for approximately eight and a half hours. Eye care may be something that many of us take for granted. Most people don`t realize that our eyes can also suffer sunburn. And, in this digital age, the vision council reports that blue light from our devices […]

  • Taking Steps to Improve your Well-Being

    Do you have control of your daily routine? Some simple changes could improve your everyday mood and stress level. Jen Ator from Women’s Health Magazine joins us to share her recommended tips. “Good Morning Jen, where do we start?” “We’ve got a lot of great tips and products to help you live better and be more in the moment. Starting off in the morning.. instead of rushing through your shower, set a timer for ten minutes and allow yourself to […]

  • How this Olympian Beat Sleep Apnea

    Are you catching enough shut-eye?  U.S Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, David Plummer, shares his story on living with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and how he went on to win Gold and Bronze medals at the 2016 Rio Games. He’s now helping others living with this condition. “David, tell us a little about your story.” “I’ve been a swimmer for twenty five years now and competed in Olympic trials three times. In 2012, I missed the team by twelve one-hundredths of a second […]

  • Kidz Bop Hits the Road Again

    The Kidz Bop kids are back again, traveling for their national ‘Best Time Ever’ tour and will be making a stop in Philadelphia soon. Two of the Kidz Bop kids, Ahnya and Cooper tell us what fans can expect. “The Kidz Bop Best Time Ever Tour is an all tour with a new stage.. new songs.. and new props that will be really fun for the kids. We will be performing ’24K Magic’, ‘The Greatest’, ‘Cheap Thrills’, and our song.. […]

  • Soak Up the Summer Savings

    Have you planned your Summer vacation yet? This website is working to make it easy on your time and your wallet. “It’s finally time to say goodbye to cold weather and hello to days of sunshine… and that means many families are already in planning mode for summer vacations. A recent poll of one-thousand Americans revealed that the top three things that matter the most for vacation include saving money, doing awesome activities, and great weather. travel expert, Sarah Gavin […]

  • A New Revolutionary App for Healthcare

    The launch of a new app measuring body composition and individual health risks has just been announced from a company right in our backyard. BVI America, LLC says the new technology helps doctors by using 3D Volume Imaging technology.   The new measure, called body volume indicator or BVI, addresses many of the short comings of the body mass index or BMI, which has been in common use for nearly 200 years “BMI is simple, but the problem is that it doesn’t […]

  • Simple Gift Ideas for Moms to Enjoy

    Mothers day is on its way and lifestyle expert and Mom herself, Molly Nover-Baker has the scoop on some great ideas that moms are sure to love. “For Mothers day I’m saying don’t do the usual gifts of candy or flowers but instead do something a little bit more unique like pampering mom, bring the spa to her. And for this I love the spin spa spinning spa brushes. These are spa luxury that she can do in the comfort […]