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Chandler joined the PHL17 family in 2014 learning the business an sales side of the station, she is now part of the PHL17 News team.

Chandler graduated cum laude from Saint Joseph’s University in May 2016 where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Digital Media and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for Entrepreneurship.

Prior to PHL17 News, Chandler began her career path at a young age. As a child, she began singing lessons which led to her first album and ultimately performing her hit song “Believe in Dreams” on stage at Carnegie Hall to a packed house at the age of 16. Her on-camera work also began in her teens, as an actress in independent films, a host for numerous charity events and on TV, including MTV.

Don’t let this local South Jersey native fool you, Chandler, who was a born in the Philippines, has traveled extensively and loves to explore the world whenever opportunity knocks.

Follow Chandler on social media for her latest stories and all up to date information. Story ideas are certainly welcomed!

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