As a Producer in PHL17’s Creative Services Department, Bianca has produced countless commercials and show promos, worked on PHL17’s 50th Anniversary Show and is a proud producer of Weekend Philler. You may recognize her as the host of Bianca’s Bike Tours in the show.

Bianca has received two Emmy nominations, and two Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Awards for her work on Weekend Philler. She is a story-teller at heart and loves coming into work every day to do her dream job – producing, editing and sharing videos.

Brought up in the suburbs, she first moved to Philadelphia as a film student at Temple University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts and also discovered her undying love for the city.

When she’s not producing video, Bianca likes to keep the creative juices flowing by bike riding around Philly, playing piano, making scrapbooks and juggling.

Recent Articles
  • Hometown Go

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Artist Alley is one of our favorite things to explore at Wizard World, and when we came across Hometown Go we were excited to see the unique approaches each of these artists take with their fan art. Hometown Go features work by local artists in the Washington D.C. area including Angela McKendrick, Jeff Lonnett and Tsaoshin. Plus, Hometown Go owner, John Greenwood, is also an artist with pieces available for purchase. Check out this awesome fan art […]

  • Daydreamer Mosaics

    MEDFORD, NJ — Wendy Lempa is a New Jersey based artist, also known as Daydreamer Mosaics, with a passion for creating unique mosaics. She shares her talent by selling her pieces in craft shows and shops, as well as teaching mosaics workshops at The Medford Company Store. “My favorite thing about mosaics is pretty much the whole process. Starting with the hunt; I love to go to flea markets and antique stores and craft shows to find unique items that […]

  • Show Us Your Bicycles

    COOPERSBURG, PA — This collector is showing us his bicycles and human power vehicles. He has about 250 of them! Now that’s a lot of bikes. Bob Swaim started his collection about 20 years ago, and he was generous enough to show Weekend Philler a sample of his collection and even demonstrate how to ride each unique vehicle. The awesome thing about this collection is that Bob doesn’t keep all of these bikes just for himself. He shares his love […]

  • Old City Jewish Arts Center

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — The Jewish Arts Center is a welcoming, artistic environment with an incredible sense of community that is felt by all who walk through the door. And in this segment, Rabbi Zash, the Director of the gallery, tells us about all there is to see and eat on First Fridays at The Jewish Arts Center. One of the best things about the JAC is that it is a welcoming space for anyone, no matter where you are from, […]

  • Silence Dogood’s Tavern

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Silence Dogood’s Tavern is a unique name with a rich history behind it. Restaurant owner, Eric Keiles, says the name of this tavern is based on Benjamin Franklin’s pen name who identified as a sassy widow, and she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. In this edition of Weekend Philler’s In The Community, find out how Silence DoGood’s Tavern is literally “doing good” in the community. Find out more at  

  • Petit Jardin en Ville

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you ever walk into Petit Jardin en Ville the first things you’ll notice about this boutique flower shop are the beautiful floral scents, the bright colors of flowers, and a french theme that will make you feel as though you stepped right into Paris. Join Weekend Philler as we take a peek inside this adorable Old City Flower Shop. Fore More Information Visit:  

  • Philadelphia Independents

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — With products by over 50 local makers and artists, Philadelphia Independents brings shopping local to a whole new level. Philadelphia Independents is an Old City shop that carries everything from photography to paintings, coasters to pottery, jewelry to toys and more unique pieces all made by Philadelphia artists! In this issue of Weekend Philler’s Mom & Pop Shop, Co-Founder Ashley Peel, tells all about how the store got its start and about all the shop has to […]

  • Philly Socks

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you are looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon downtown, this Old City gem is worth the visit. Philly Socks is the store entirely stocked with socks! From professional patterns for the workplace to outrageous and goofy slogans for the weekend, Philly Socks has just about any sock you can think of. It is so much fun to find a pair of socks that suits your personality. The store currently has two locations; one […]

  • Le Cat Café

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Calling all animal lovers! Le Cat Café is Green Street Rescue’s new cat adoption platform, and it’s exactly what it sounds like, a café full of cats. At Le Cat Café, you can pour yourself a cup of coffee, kick back and relax with a cat in your lap. Complete with toys, treats and cat nip, the café is a great place for people to get acquainted with a group of adorable rescues. There are cats of all […]

  • Bianca’s Bike Tours PHS Edition

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you are looking for a green oasis in the land of concrete known as Philadelphia, PHS is a great resource for finding those not-so-secret, but hidden gardens and riding your bike is a great option for getting there. In this edition of Bianca’s Bike Tours, we’re checking out five different PHS garden locations including a larger community garden located right in Schuylkill River Park, a pop up garden and three smaller community gardens in residential Philadelphia. […]