As a Producer in PHL17’s Creative Services Department, Bianca has produced countless TV commercials and promos for broadcast, worked on PHL17’s 50th Anniversary Show and recently received her first Emmy nomination! She is a story-teller at heart and loves coming into work every day to do her dream job – producing, editing and sharing videos.

Brought up in the suburbs, she first moved to Philadelphia as a student at Temple University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts and also discovered her undying love for the city.

When she’s not producing video, Bianca likes to keep the creative juices flowing by bike riding around Philly, playing piano, making scrapbooks and juggling.

Recent Articles
  • Le Cat Café

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Calling all animal lovers! Le Cat Café is Green Street Rescue’s new cat adoption platform, and it’s exactly what it sounds like, a café full of cats. At Le Cat Café, you can pour yourself a cup of coffee, kick back and relax with a cat in your lap. Complete with toys, treats and cat nip, the café is a great place for people to get acquainted with a group of adorable rescues. There are cats of all […]

  • Bianca’s Bike Tours PHS Edition

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you are looking for a green oasis in the land of concrete known as Philadelphia, PHS is a great resource for finding those not-so-secret, but hidden gardens and riding your bike is a great option for getting there. In this edition of Bianca’s Bike Tours, we’re checking out five different PHS garden locations including a larger community garden located right in Schuylkill River Park, a pop up garden and three smaller community gardens in residential Philadelphia. […]

  • The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — In this edition of Weekend Philler’s Masters, Pros and Virtuosos, we profile culinary professionals about the career changes that ultimately led them to the kitchen. An ex-plumber and a former Navy Master Chief are now chefs in training at Walnut Hill College. Isn’t it such a beautiful thing when someone’s hobby becomes a full-time job?

  • Show Us Your Baby Doll Head Art

    WEST CHESTER, PA — We never quite know exactly what to expect when capturing different collections for Weekend Philler’s Show Us Your Stuff, and this spooky collection is sure to surprise, disturb and entertain you. Ellen collects doll heads and doll head art. Even her cat, Otie, enjoys his very own doll head toy. Although her hobby is often misunderstood, Ellen explains that some visitors who were initially creeped out by the doll heads in her home have turned over a new […]

  • Backyard Adventures

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — If you are looking for a fun yet scientific way to spend an afternoon in Philadelphia, then look no further than The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Weekend Philler caught up with Mary Bailey, the Manager of Public Engagement, to find out all about their new Backyard Adventures exhibit along with some of the other programs the museum will be hosting throughout the summer. Backyard Adventures is an interactive exhibit that both children and adults […]

  • Artists of Wizard World 2017

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Wizard World Comic Con is known for cosplay, nerd fandom, novelty, celebrities and the impressive artwork available in Artist Alley. Wizard World is a destination for fan art buyers because you can find anything from marker drawings to 3D printed sculptures and laser engraved wood. When Wizard World came to Philadelphia we caught up with three artists about their artwork. Self-proclaimed mashup artist, David Wong tells us what he loves about working at the convention, laser-engraver, Brandi […]

  • McGillin’s Old Ale House

    PHILADELPHIA, PA — Tucked away on a small street between Chestnut and Sansom Streets in Center City Philadelphia lies one of the oldest continuously operating ale houses in the country, McGillin’s Old Ale House. The establishment opened in 1860, the same year Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States. It’s a bar that has stood the test of time and withholds a reputation as the “every man’s bar” of Philadelphia. McGillin’s Old Ale House has a long standing history of family […]

  • Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

    ALLENTOWN, PA — Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is open for a new season of rides, water attractions and family entertainment. Weekend Philler was invited for a special preview of the awesome things Dorney has to offer this summer. From a new dining experience and community events in Parkside Pavilion to new rides and park food options, Dorney Park is sure not to disappoint. Here are the inside details from the VP/General Manager, Michael Fehnel and Executive Chef, Malo Jones. […]

  • The Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens

    KENNETT SQUARE, PA — For much of the past two years The Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens was turned into a massive hole in the ground as the largest fountain renovation in the country took place, but now the project is complete and the historic Main Fountain Garden is ready to make its debut. Fountains aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind when you think of this world renown location, but as a matter of fact, Longwood Gardens has the most […]

  • Spring Blooms At Longwood Gardens

    KENNETT SQUARE, PA — There’s a lot to love about Longwood Gardens year-round, but when Spring comes around, the blooms at Longwood are in full swing. The vibrant colors, amazing tulips and acres of lush gardens are just enough to pull anyone out of their winter doldrums. Preparation for the Spring Blooms at Longwood Gardens begins in the Fall with teams of gardeners and designers working to bring a stunning display to guests waking up from a long winter hibernation indoors. By the time Spring […]