New Energy Policy has Potential to Create Millions of New Jobs

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Natural gas and oil touches virtually every facet of our life, from heating our homes and fueling transportation to life-saving medical devices and cosmetics at the drug store. A new report outlines how energy policies could be creating millions of new American jobs over the next ten years. President of the American Petroleum Institute, Jack Gerard, shares some of the highlights of the report and what impact they could have.

What did the new State of the American Energy Report focus on this year?

"Our State of the American Energy Report focused on our ability to power through the impossible. Now the United States is the world's leader in oil and gas production and we're able to do that while also cleaning the environment. Our carbon emissions are near 25 year lows and all the while creating well paying jobs, jobs the oil and gas industry pay on average of fifty thousand more than the average wage in the United States. So there have been a number of major breakthroughs for us to have more affordable, reliable energy while also protecting the environment."

Why is it important for people to know that oil and gas are a part of their daily lives?

"When we think about everything we do every day, we often take the energy we use for granted. We use energy when we get up in the morning and flip on the light. We use it to take warm showers and get to work, so energy really powers everything we do."

Head to  to find additional information about their annual report along with a lot of other topics related to energy.


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