Why Rosé Wine Season Is a Myth

Summer may be over, but rosé is staying for the fall.

Lifestyle expert Bahar Takhtehchian says there's no seasonal limit on rosé and the popular wine is a great addition to your fall soirees.

"Rosé is not just for the summer. You can definitely enjoy it throughout the fall and it really pairs so nicely with some of our favorite fall treats. Barefoot Wine did this great survey where they found that two out of three Americans enjoy rosé year round. It really pairs nicely with ginger, maple, cranberry and all those other fall flavors."

Barefoot's rosé can be found at local retailers for just under $10 dollars. Amazon is also joining in on the craze. You can get the "Fall For Rosé" gift pack, which includes three bottles of rosé and a reusable mug. Click here for the promotion or to simply have the company deliver a bottle to your door.

Fall entertaining is not only about wine, but also about the food you pair it with.

"For the rosé I love a great chicken dish with brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes. Rosé is slightly sweet and it compliments this savory flavor nicely."

Lastly, Bahar says to make sure you have a great fall motif and tablescape.

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