Toys That Teach

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We might be in the dog days of summer, but before you know it children will be back in school. Child Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Werner has some fun ways to enjoy the last bit of summer and prepare to head back to school.

The newest addition to Nintendo's family of portable gaming systems is the Nintendo 2DS XL. It has dual screens that are 82%  larger than the 2DS. It's lighter, has a faster processor and even a cool touchscreen. There's a huge library of games as well so kids can play with all their favorite characters from Mario to Link to Kirby. A  great family game is Hey! Pikmin, which is recommended for ages three and up. Miitopia is also recommended for ages three and up.

Now to educational fun... has a brand new subscription service for ages three to six. It's an innovative and interactive learning experience with access to over 1,000 activities designed by educators. It's available on a variety of devices and you can even play without WiFi.  It levels up so as your children get better, the levels get a little bit more challenging.

To get the whole family outside, try Recoil. The Recoil Multiplayer Starter Pack by Skyrocket is just hitting the market. It's the new and improved laser tag with updated infrared technology and GPS tracking.

When the kids head back to school, parents tend to spend a fortune on all those back-to-school items. Mabel's Labels will help you not lose the items you've spent your money on. They're very easy to use.  Simply peel them off and stick them on your items. They're waterproof so they can go into the dishwasher or washing machine.

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