Your Best Bets For Back To School

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It’s time to start your back-to-school shopping and technology expert Katie Linendoll has a shortlist of the best bets for all ages.

First and foremost, organization. Take advantage of They have the tab pocket dividers that will not only keep you organized, but also keep those loose papers from homework to handouts all enclosed. Their mesh storage features also keep thumb drives, calculators and anything you want safe.

For our budding technologists and engineers, meet Max! He's a 12-inch tall robot with customization programming and artificial intelligence. He's the most high-end Meccano robot to date brought to you by Erector. Another gadget making waves in the tech world is Pixie. If you ever lose objects, this is for you. You can put a Pixie tracker on anything from your smartphone to your keys to your backpack. Pixie uses augmented reality to show you where the object is.

The perfect notebook is an absolute must for a kid of any age. From LG is the LG Gram. It weighs just over two pounds. In terms of power, speed and versatility, it's a go-to device. Fifteen hours of battery life, 60x9 aspect ration on the HDI display and under $1000 at only $900.

Finally for kids under twelve, check out Epic is used by over five million kids a month with over 24 million book titles. You get a free month unlimited trial and then pay a monthly fee of $7.99 for favorites like Nat Geo, Penguin Random House, etc. For parents who want their kids to have an edge in reading, algebra and homework help, head over to, put in your zip code and find where your child can go to a Sylvan Learning Center for higher scores.

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