IndyCar Driver Charlie Kimball Is Outpacing His Diabetes

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IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball has an inspiring story. He is currently living with diabetes, but hasn’t let that stop him from being successful at IndyCar racing. Learn about his new high-tech way of keeping track of his sugars all within the confines of his car.

Charlie I hear you monitor your glucose levels on your car. Where does this idea come from?

"Well I wear a Dexcom G5 Continuous Glucose Monitor when I'm in the race car that way... just like the mechanics are making sure the car stays on track I can make sure my body stays on track as well. I wear a sensor on my body and when I'm out of the car it transmits to my cellphone but when I'm in the car it transmits to a receiver that's plugs into the data system so right there on my steering wheel I have speed, lap time, oil pressure, blood sugar, water temperature, my car and body date right there together."

Is it challenging to manage your diabetes during the racing season?

"Well, during a race it's not like I can call a time out, check my blood sugar, and get a snack at half-time. I have to be ready to go from green flag to checkered flag so thats where the Continuous Glucose Monitor comes into play as well as the preparation I do before I get in the car. The training I do in the off season, managing my nutrition and hydration... all prepare my body. You know, I talked about my mechanics and the work they do with keeping the car on track, I have to do the same work with my body before I even get in the car so that when I'm racing all I'm thinking about is winning."

Charlie, you have accomplished so much. Despite all of the challenges, what advice do you have for others with diabetes?

"Well I think the best piece of advice I have for people with diabetes is that you can still live your dreams. You can chase you passion and do what you want in life. Even if that means going 230 miles per hour on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in an IndyCar."

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