Tips for Digital Branding

Consumers are bombarded with thousands of messages daily and it`s becoming difficult for brands to cut through the clutter. The President of Ars Thanea, Erik Semmelhack, shares his tips on how to get attention through visual storytelling.

"Three great tips for visual story telling. Number one, test your story. Is your story Authentic? Is your story credible? And is your story relevant?

Number two, plan early and make sure you have the resources needed to be brought into the process or your budget doesn`t allow for certain aspects. Make sure you know this early and plan accordingly.

Number three, of course use technology. But technology needs to support the custom message that you have developed with your team. Something like an automated reality or a virtual reality in the end might be a cool one...but, in the end, may not serve the purpose you need for communication.

This reminds me of a time we worked with a big advertising agency to launch a pharmaceutical drug. We had the ability to do whatever we wanted, which could have been a clinical or sterile treatment. But instead we chose to do something very emotional and very humorous. As a result we won acclaims from the industry and the highest awards from our peers."

For more information about visual storytelling for brands, you can visit

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