Protect Your Eyes From Screens and the Sun

Have you ever thought about how constant exposure to the sun and various screens is taking a toll on your eyes? On any given day our eyes are fixated on televisions, computers, or other devices, for approximately eight and a half hours.

Eye care may be something that many of us take for granted. Most people don`t realize that our eyes can also suffer sunburn. And, in this digital age, the vision council reports that blue light from our devices can penetrate deep into the eyes causing long-term and short-term vision problems.

Lifestyle expert Sarah Bernard discusses the importance of protection and the 20-20-20 rule. Bernard says, "This is just to remind you that every 20 minutes you should take 20 seconds to look at an object that`s 20 feet away because it takes 20 seconds for your eyes to relax and reset."

"Foster Grant Eyezen glasses are really to protect yourself when you`re really in that kind of a digital situation. Let`s say you`re reading a book on a screen, you can have those glasses on and that will protect you from those potentially harmful blue lights."

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