Taking Steps to Improve your Well-Being

Do you have control of your daily routine? Some simple changes could improve your everyday mood and stress level. Jen Ator from Women’s Health Magazine joins us to share her recommended tips.

"Good Morning Jen, where do we start?"

"We've got a lot of great tips and products to help you live better and be more in the moment. Starting off in the morning.. instead of rushing through your shower, set a timer for ten minutes and allow yourself to ease into your day and relax. Put in some nice products that make it feel like a day spa experience to help boost your mood and your confidence. Little things like Venus Embrace razor, which is going to give you a super close shave, and Pantene Pro-V moisturizer which is going to help condition and restore the health of your hair.

With your first meal of the day, try to think of it as an opportunity to pack in a lot of nutrients. I always like to suggest making a smoothie. It's super fast. You can fit in fruits, vegetables, protein, and an extra help of fiber with a scoop of Metamucil and thats going to keep you feeling fuller, longer, throughout the day.

When it comes to stress, a lot of us you know are not going to be able to avoid stress, but a great way is being proactive. Knowing that you're going to face stressful moments, Secret deodorant is actually clinicially designed to help fight stress sweats specifically so after putting it on in the morning, you are confident that you are going to be able to handle whatever comes at you. Also, carving out moments of stress breaks throughout the day helps. So thirty seconds to three minutes to kind of pull away from whatever you are in is a great way to reset and calm your body. A great way of taking that break is brushing your teeth after lunch. Crest 3D white is a great, easy way to brighten and whiten your smile and get in that little stress break.

When re-thinking your late night chores, instead of thinking of them as chores.. think of them as a way to relieve stress. Repetitive motions are actually proven to help calm your nerves, and settle anxiety. Whether it's wiping down countertops, swiffering, washing a sink full of dirty dishes; these are all ways to help fight stress. Then, at night, have a routine that kind of helps you cue your mind. You're shutting down and relaxing for the evening so many its turning off your phone and having a simple face cleansing routine. Olay moisturizer is a great one thats going to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles throughout the night so you're waking up feeling even more refreshed."

"Jen, where can we go for more information?"

"You can head to WomensHealthMag.com/AgeWell."

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