How this Olympian Beat Sleep Apnea

Are you catching enough shut-eye?  U.S Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer, David Plummer, shares his story on living with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and how he went on to win Gold and Bronze medals at the 2016 Rio Games. He’s now helping others living with this condition.

"David, tell us a little about your story."

"I've been a swimmer for twenty five years now and competed in Olympic trials three times. In 2012, I missed the team by twelve one-hundredths of a second and came back to make the team in 2016.. bringing home a bronze and gold medal."

"Why is sleep so important for performance?"

"As someone who suffers from sleep apnea, once I was able to get it under control, I realized I never had a full nights sleep in my adult life and it was something that i was struggling to deal with. I was getting the type of recovery I needed to compete at the highest level but once I got it under control I realized how important it was and I saw results right away."

"Tell me more about the Philips dream station."

"Well I went and got a sleep test done, and came home with a Philips' dream station and got my sleep apnea under control. From there, I went on a world cup circuit, essentially made a lap around the world with stops in Tokyo and also in the Middle East.. I just got better as I went through. I had great success in Tokyo and won a lifetime best time in a meet in the Middle East at a time when I probably shouldn't have.. so I think it was directly related to getting my sleep study done and getting my sleep apnea under control. It was something that I saw bring me a lot more success in the pool right away."

"Any other advice you can offer?"

"I'd say go to I think that if you are showing any symptoms of this, if you are waking up sleepy or you're snoring a lot.. it's definitely worth going to your physician and getting it under control and I know for me getting it under control was just life changing with how much more I was awake and aware.

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