Adopt a Pet: Skiler!

It’s time for Meow Monday…PHL17 helping rescue pets get adopted…and today we introduce you to Skiler. This fabulous feline with the pretty green eyes just loves people as well as rubs and hugs.. she has a lot of love to give back too!

Listen closely and you’ll hear her purring..

Skiler is a very sweet girl. She ended up at the shelter when her family had a child who unfortunately developed allergies. They took great care of her and were very sad to see her go. Since she's used to kids and an active environment, she would be perfect for any home that has just as much attention and love to give as she has to offer. Skiler is known as what's called a calico cat which gives her that cool patchy fur pattern, beautiful green eyes and outgoing personality. She's something very special so let's find her a forever home!

For more information on Skiler, or other adoptable pets, head to

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