Phillies debut new touchscreen kiosks allowing fans to order food quickly

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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Long lines to order food down at the ballpark are nothing new; but what is new this season at Citizens Bank Park is the “Zoom Food” line on the main concourse behind home plate.

Whether you want a jumbo hot dog; maybe an order of crispy fries; or a cold beer on a warm summer night; the food at a Phillies game is half the fun.


But sometimes long lines and huge crowds make getting your favorite ballpark food a pain. That’s why the folks at Aramark say they have a solution, and they’re calling it Zoom Food. Kevin Tedesco is the General Manager of Aramark at Citizens Bank Park and explained, “The self ordering location allows you to pick and choose what you like, build your order, hit a button, go to the window and pick it up.”


Tedesco said the touchscreen kiosks are similar to the touch screens at Wawa or Scheetz. However, at Zoom Food you can pay with a card, gift card, or a loaded ticket right at the kiosk after selecting your food.

Tedesco said, “The next move will be to put a stand, maybe at the Ashburn Alley location. ‘How do you want your cheesesteak built?’ Or at our Primo Hoagie location, ‘How do you want your hoagie built?’”

The menu at Zoom Food is limited to South Philly favorite right now such as ice cream, hot dogs, beer and ice cream, but Tedesco said an expanded menu is coming.

Right now there is only one Zoom Food location at Citizens Bank Park, but the manager of CBP Aramark said the goal is to put more kiosks throughout the main concourse, letting fans everywhere get their