Soak Up the Summer Savings

Have you planned your Summer vacation yet? This website is working to make it easy on your time and your wallet.

"It's finally time to say goodbye to cold weather and hello to days of sunshine... and that means many families are already in planning mode for summer vacations.

A recent poll of one-thousand Americans revealed that the top three things that matter the most for vacation include saving money, doing awesome activities, and great weather. travel expert, Sarah Gavin says looking at destinations south of the border and bundling your vacation can lead savings of up to 14-hundred dollars. And, it is possible to find great deals even if you have limited time or a tight budget."

"There's this new travel hack that has just come on to the scene in the last couple of months called member only deals. The way it works is you go to a website like Expedia or Travelocity or and you sign into the website and what you'll find is 70,000 hotels that were previously one price, are now 10% cheaper, and you'll find that same thing on activities."

For more details and to find out the best deals for your next vacation.. visit Expedia-dot-com. for today`s morning extra, I`m Colleen Campbell.