Millennials and Money

According to a recent study, majority of millennials said they are investing for retirement but fewer than half contribute to a 401k plan. Chelsea Krost, a millennial lifestyle contributor, talks about millennials and their money habits.

"There's a misconception that millennials don't invest or buy things. However, millennials are investing for things such as marriage, retirement, purchasing a home, and buying a car. In addition to these larger life events, more than any other group, millennials are putting away for shorter term goals such as going on fabulous vacation."

"The problem is, many millennials feel like they don't have the knowledge to start investing right, but why invest at all? If you aren't investing, you may be missing out on the potential turns of the market. Which is why I'm very excited to be partnered with Stash Invest."

"This generation loves doing things the digital native way; fast, efficient, and via mobile device or desktop browser. Stash has focused on education as a core feature of their service. Stash helps teach investors the basics and empowers their users to invest with confidence. Stash is taking all of the excuses out of getting started and making it super simple for everyone to invest. Its time for today's generation to get on board, and start investing for themselves for the future today."

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