DIY Home Makeover

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Still in the process of spring cleaning? Celebrity Design Expert Frank Fontana has some DIY ideas to brighten up your home this season.

"I like to start in the details and one of the areas where I focus in on is light switch plate and outlet covers. Legrand puts out a great collection called Adorn and it's got streamed-line, squared-off lines to it. It comes in a white magnesium and 35 different plate cover designs to fit any one of your specific design needs in your home and they are easy to do. You don't need to be an electrician to install them. Legrand is actually putting out a great promotion right now. You get 50% off if you go to and put "spring" in their promo code.

When it comes to large surfaces, I like to focus on the floors and Armstrong Flooring put out a brand new product that is the most durable product that Armstrong has ever put out. It's called Vivero and it's infused with diamond particles. I know it sounds crazy, but it makes for the strongest flooring yet. It comes in all these different styles. They're doing a rebate as well so you can get $500 off if you go to and look for the Vivero product. If you order now, they'll give you that discount.

Finally, safety and functionality is important for Home Improvement Month and 3M puts in this maximum, under-sink water system for filtration. Water is in your baby bottles, water is what we bathe with...we want to make sure it's contaminant-free and this removes 99% of all lead. It's easy to install and allĀ  you have to do is change out the filter every six months. You can find this at Lowe's too.

I always recommend to make sure you check that your smoke detectors' batteries are up to date, make sure your HGVC filters are changed out every three to four months depending on your usage and you can always make a house look beautiful by freshening up a little bit of paint."