A New Revolutionary App for Healthcare

The launch of a new app measuring body composition and individual health risks has just been announced from a company right in our backyard. BVI America, LLC says the new technology helps doctors by using 3D Volume Imaging technology.


The new measure, called body volume indicator or BVI, addresses many of the short comings of the body mass index or BMI, which has been in common use for nearly 200 years

"BMI is simple, but the problem is that it doesn't really tell the whole story because it doesn't measure the distribution of the fat which happens to be the most important thing in terms of health. To address that, BVI actually measures the volume of the abdomen, the volume of the legs and arms.. and based on those numbers we can better estimate the reasons for heart disease, diabetes or other problems and these eventually might replace the simplistic approach in measuring body mass index because it accounts for volume in different parts of the body."

And now, BVI America LLC a subsidiary of 3D measurement pioneer select research, has announced the launch of the world's first revolutionary BVI pro tablet application which can measure body volume, percentage of visceral fat, and distribution of body fat for individuals.

"The BVI pro is the world's first professional app, for professionals, to measure the human body in a totally different way. For the very first time, we are able to take just two 3D pictures of your body shape to divide the body up into sections and work to figure out where the weight is and what the risks are. Its safe, its affordable, its quick to use.. and the technology through the iPad allows people to do that, anywhere."

To help spark dialogue about the advancements in body composition, and to insprire change in how professionals help measure the body, the #speakvolumes initiative was launched in the professional community to anonymously submit patient's data to continue validating and expanding the reach of BVI, aiming to make BVI a valuable index by 2020. To learn more go to BodyVolume.com or download the BVI pro app for free on iTunes.