The Way to Throw Out Your Food While Reducing Waste.

Did you know food makes up the largest portion of total waste in the United States? If the answer is no, you`re not alone. Home re-modeler and designer, Laurie March, explains more about the affect of food waste.

March says, "a lot of Americans don't know that there's a difference between food waste that you put in a garbage disposal and the trash. And it makes a huge difference to the environment where it all ends up."

"So food scraps that go into the trash end up headed to a landfill and it takes a lot of time there to break down. While they're breaking down, they release a ton of methane gas which majorly contributes to global warming."

"Now instead, if you put it into your disposer it gets broken down here and heads to a waste water management plant. Now this is a much more responsible choice for dealing with food scraps."

"I think a disposer is a wonderful option for those food scraps. It's all about little choices we all want to sort of make better choices about recycling and not wasting food in the home. And a major improvement in disposers, a lot of newer models can handle all kinds of things. So you pop that water on you can put in things like banana peels, corn cobs and insinkerator evolution series can handle it all."

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