Simple Gift Ideas for Moms to Enjoy

Mothers day is on its way and lifestyle expert and Mom herself, Molly Nover-Baker has the scoop on some great ideas that moms are sure to love.

"For Mothers day I'm saying don't do the usual gifts of candy or flowers but instead do something a little bit more unique like pampering mom, bring the spa to her. And for this I love the spin spa spinning spa brushes. These are spa luxury that she can do in the comfort of her own home."

"There are two devices, spin spa body or spin spa face. For the body it comes with five different brush attachments so she can do a lot of things from cleansing to exfoliating to massaging. While the spin spa facial product you can use to remove dirt oil and impurities from the face it's a spa experience that she can use on a daily basis. These are two excellent products, they're widely available. The body one is $19.99 the face one is $12.99 you can get them at Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ulta, Sally Beauty, CVS or Rite Aid."

"Now the next one is more of an indulgent product that you would get for mom, something that she wouldn't normally purchase for herself and that's fragrance. For that I love the Vera Wang Embrace. This is part of their iconic collection, they're body mists. So you could buy one or you could buy them all and she could sort of layer them together and create a signature sent."

"There are four fragrances, there's the rosebud and vanilla, green tea and pear blossom, periwinkles and iris, or marigold and gardenia. All beautiful scents $9.99 at Walmart stores, a great buy."

"And lastly for a sort of special experience for mom I think we probably all love and that's breakfast in bed. Now this is Nature's Path organic granola it's delicious, it's healthy for mom the kids can easily use this to create breakfast in bed. They just have to rip off the top, open the resealable pouch, they can pour it over fruit or a yogurt and create sort of a yogurt parfait for mom. They can really be a part of the experience, like they're doing it for their mom themselves, it makes it more special."

"Now the granola itself is organic, non GMO, gluten free, made with whole grains super foods it comes in three delicious flavors, coconut cashew, vanilla pumpkin seed, or blueberry and pecan. They're all rich in fiber, they're made with premium ingredients like chia seeds and coconut and dry blueberries. So three really different experiences but all will make mom feel special and loved."

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