Johnson and Johnson’s New Interactive Museum

The worlds largest healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson, introduced two interactive museum experiences. Johnson & Johnson, Our Story of the Powerhouse, located in New Brunswick, New Jersey and the digital companion on

Alex Gorsky, Chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, and Margaret Gurowitz, Chief Historian of Johnson & Johnson, explains more about the museum.

Gorsky says, "I think what you'll find just as our products touch so many people each and everyday, what you're going to find when you go into this museum is you're going to be able to touch our pads through 3-D interfaces and two dimensional photography, the different milestones, the products."

Both experiences take visitors through a journey through time and around the world as they explore the stories of more than 130 years of healthcare innovations that have changed the course of human health.

Gurowitz explains her, "favorite artifacts in the building are BAND-AID Brand adhesive bandages tins over 97 years of the product's history, some of the fabric that what used to sew employee's uniforms early in our history and the first mass produced surgical products that Johnson & Johnson made in the 1880s."

Johnson & Johnson, Our Story at the Powerhouse will open to their employees initially and anyone else interested in learning about the company's history can visit