Create an At Home Spa Experience

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An in-home spa experience that you can get at home for you and your pet? It’s possible. Lifestyle expert Dave Sinclair says this product is not only changing up a boring bathtime routine, it may also save you money.

"More than two-thirds of Americans take `at least` one shower a day. But are we washing away worries or building up problems?

From lingering too long in the warm water to showering at the wrong times of day... recent reports suggest many people are doing the bath time routine all wrong.

But, it is not hard to turn a mundane shower routine into a spa experience. In fact, you can treat any member of the family to a special shower experience... including your pets!

Lifestyle expert, Dave Sinclair says, "we don`t want it to just be a shower. The way we do that is by creating the in-home spa experience with products that are super economical."

"Here`s my personal salvation, the sidewinder drenches you can adjust it to any direction. Here`s the adjustable magnetic slide strip. It adjusts to any height it`s very very quick. We do not want to forget about the dog. We have the pet wand pro so we take care of the most important member of the family, the pet."

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