Netflix Star Alysia Reiner Works to Protect the Environment

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Alysia Reiner is best known for her role on the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, but she’s also passionately committed to protecting the environment. She’s involved in a new carbon reduction campaign, Cool Effect, and shares some ways to live a sustainable lifestyle.

"Well what I love about Cool Effect is it's sort of like Kickstarter, but for carbon reduction. I think so many people feel so deeply powerless over climate change and here is something that you can personally do that you can feel really connected to.

You go to the site and you can see all of these different projects. They're so cool. My personal favorite is one that takes poop and turns it into fuel in India and then you can tell people what your reasons are. So for me I do it for my daughter, but I love looking on the site and looking at everyone's different reasons. It's really inspiring.

On a daily basis there are so many little things you can do and it's really just about everyday looking at your choices. Be it shopping local. Be it the shirt that I'm wearing. It's a zero waste shirt. They used old little pieces of t-shirts that were just going to go into a landfill. I compost, I use LEDs, I use radiant heating, I use public transportation a lot. There's all these little, little ways and there's bigger ways and that's what Cool Effect is for."