Lifetime’s Latest Series Tackles Assisted Dying

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Lifetime’s series “Mary Kills People” explores the controversial topic of assisted dying. Actress Caroline Dhavernas explains why she’s so passionate about the show.

"It's about an ER doctor who also has this side business where she helps people who are terminally ill put an end to their lives with dignity. She has this partner in crime who's a recovering heroin addict and they do this together. She's also a mother of two. She's juggling a lot because of course it's illegal to do this and she will as you can imagine get in trouble for it.

It's a fun show because, yes, assisted dying is the subject matter, but there's a lot of comedy as well and of course drama and compassion and it has elements of thriller at times so for an actor it's wonderful because I go from one to the other and have a blast with it.

The script came along and I just thought it was such a great part. A very strong female character and the writing was brilliant. Tara Armstrong-- this is her first TV show. She's in her early 30s and I was just so impressed with her writing and I loved Holly Dale as a director. She was just so fantastic to work with.

I think we should celebrate the fact too that our producers are women, our editors, director so this is really run by women. It's fantastic."

You can catch the show on Lifetime at 10 p.m.