How to Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Clean for Spring

Spring has sprung and everyone is in spring cleaning mode. We had the chance to talk to style icon and design entrepreneur, Rachel Zoe, who revealed her top fashion-forward trends for the season, as well as some simple steps to keep your clothes fresh and clean.

"You know, colors, I mean everything goes this spring. I mean there's very muted palettes, pastels, there's really bold palettes of primary colors and then of course there's like that in between, which is sort of like faded jewel tones and really beautiful mosaic prints. Tons of prints. Everything from a burnt out velvet, to a small little micro dot, to big, huge, florals, paisleys. It's very much about prints for spring and very much about color, which, you know, is typical of spring. But this season we have a lot of my favorite details, which is like fringe, and tassels, and braiding, and all that sort of stuff, which is so fun."

"Well, I mean, Lysol is such a trusted brand that we've all known and used and loved for years and of course they are the ones who thought of the most genius product that we can actually use on our clothes, because I think that the thing we really start the day with, right? So we really want to think about the things that are closest to our bodies and our families bodies and our children and getting rid of all the harmful bacteria that can cause, you know, illness and viruses and all of these things. And it's this incredible product that's actually a laundry sanitizer. So as someone who loves anything sanitizing and use it on my hands, you know, a hundred times a day, I love the idea of it being use din my laundry. I actually assumed like most people that when you wash your clothes it comes out without the harmful bacteria, but actually that's not the case. So by using this laundry sanitizer, it's actually guaranteeing that you're getting rid of 99.9% of all harmful bacteria that sits on our clothes and on your child's clothes. And it's so easy, you just add it directly to the laundry cycle and it's nothing to the rinse cycle. It's no time and you know that your killing all of those, you know, harmful bacteria. So for me that is such a priority and, you know, I'm sure for most people. It's a game-changer."