Drugstore Beauty Buys

Taking care of your skin is important, but with so many beauty products out which remains the tried and the true? Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry tells us her favorites.

"I have a lot of great things for you. I know when you're thinking about looking for products, we often think we have to go to really expensive stores to get great products but really the drug store is a mecca for some of my favorite products. Today we are starting off with the Biore skin care line and they have really great deep cleansing pore strips, which I absolutely love. For the Spring they are really cute with these floral patterns. They are designed to follow the contour of your nose, and when you take them off after about ten minutes you are taking away days worth of oil and dirt from the skin. With frequent use you can improve the appearance of your pores. The greatest thing about these is that they can be found throughout the country for about $9.49.

We also know that moisturized skin is key all year even into the Spring. One of my favorite products is the new Curel Hyra Therapy wet skin moisture. So the way this works is its a water activated moisture, you apply it to freshly showered skin, and it absorbs immediately leaving behind absolutely no great residue. Its also really great for patients with eczema. This can be found throughout the country for about $10.99.

So now we have talked about clean, well moisturized skin, we can't forget about having fabulous hair and one of my favorite drug store brands for fabulous hair is John Frieda. We have two of their products today, the first is the luxurious volume refresh which is a dry shampoo. The way it works is that you lift the hair, spray the roots, and wipe out any additional powder and you are left with fully healthy clean hair."

"Dr. Michelle Henry, thank you so much for joining us this morning. With today's morning extra, I'm Colleen Campbell.

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