Spring Fashion Trends

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Warmer weather will be here before you know it and it’s time to say goodbye to the bulky clothing and lighten up for spring. We had the chance to talk to fashion expert, Kate De Ponte, about the hottest styles we’ll be seeing this season.

"We're seeing so many great trends for spring 2017. From the unisex look of bomber jackets to sneakers and cropped denim. We've got some really great looks, three different looks, all from JC Penny. So I want to get started with our first model, Alisha. Now Alisha, take a look at this skirt. She is sporting the hottest color trend of the season and that is the blush color. This beautiful skirt is from Bell and Sky. Blush is perfect for the office, maybe a weekend get-a-way, a weekend wedding. We paired this with a crisp white shirt, but it's redefined. It features this very bold, cold-shoulder look that you are going to see everywhere. It is so figure flattering. The top is from Worthington. And we've paired this with very simple, chunky heels and blush. She is ready for whatever the day has in store. You got to love alisha's look."

"So our second look is Desiree and she is sporting the bomber jacket. Now the bomber jacket, this is from Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique Plus. This evokes kind of inspiration from previous eras. You've got that retro vibe, but it's so modern with the silver lining detail and the translucent sleeves. We paired this with cropped denim. If you want to know one of the hottest denim looks for the season, it's cropped. The denim is from Boutique and Capri Plus. It has beautiful modern finishes and modern lines. A great shoe option is again that block heel. These shoes are from Worthington, again from JC Penny. You got to love Desiree's look."

"Now our final look is Shantae. Now Shantae has this beautiful top from Bold elements and it's all about the ruffle trend. So we're seeing ruffles, their feminine, their girly, their sophisticated. You see a lot of different ruffle detailing on the collar bone and the hem, a lot of different tops. This turquoise is so skin tone flattering and you got to love that. Another hot denim trend we're seeing, this one is from Arizona, but it's all about raw hems. So hems that look unfinished, super cool girl, really intentional, hot look for spring. And what we've done is we've paired this look with white Adidas because athleisure, we all know what athleisure is, that is a trend that's not going anywhere. So again all of the looks that you've seen today are from JC Penny, go to jcp.com or any JC Penny store."